Ivy Chen gives birth to a baby boy

Ivy Chen baby
Today, Ivy Chen proudly introduces her baby boy, nicknamed Xiao Chu, to the world. Since news of her pregnancy came out in August, Ivy had gotten married to director Hsu Fu-hsiang not soon after. The 36-year-old actress drew attention throughout her pregnancy for being the prime example of a sporty mother-to-be. Up until January, she had climbed 101 flights of stairs to keep fit and active. 

Ivy Chen baby Feb 10, 2019
On February 9, 2019, Ivy Chen gave birth to a baby boy that weighed approx 5.7 pounds. Her husband stayed by her side the entire time. We don't have pictures yet, but the baby is said to resemble Ivy Chen as he got her double eyelids. With such a pretty mom, I'm sure he'll grow up to be a hottie. A big congrats to the new parents. 

Ivy Chen baby Feb 10, 2019 Xiao Chu
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