First Impressions: I Will Never Let You Go

first impressions cdrama i will never let you go
This drama gets me excited, because Ariel Lin returns to the TV screen after five years! Her last drama with Feng Shao Feng in Prince of Lan Ling had over-spilling genuine chemistry on screen. And after years of acting for Ariel Lin, I'm looking forward to seeing her in a romantic wuxia comedy again.  Here is my first impression of I Will Never Let You Go 小女花不棄. 

i will never let you go
Synopsis: A witty kind-hearted beggar girl, Hua Bu Qi, with a talent for doing business grows up with her uncle. One day she gets caught up in a theft that gets thwarted by a masked vigilante. He stops the theft and saves her. The beginning of a romance occurs. As she journeys to discover who she is and who her uncle is, she meets many individuals who either want to kill her or use her. Will Bu Qi and her lover be together? 

Episode one sets the stage of this romantic comedic wuxia drama with the backstory. The opening scene is fire and death. It's a well-balanced episode of drama, comedy, and romance. It's got a level of intensity that gets you hooked. I get a sense this will be a drama I can't wait to keep watching. You'll get those heart-throb moments where the camera pans slowly across the lovers with the white light filter and a ballad song. It's almost a mini-music video. I'm quite fond of the use of music in this drama. Thankfully this drama isn't voice-over and the actor's natural voices are used. The pacing is neither too slow nor too rushed (as of this point). The action sequences and choreography by the crew are tight, which adds to the balance of this drama. I think the production is high-quality. 

The story thus far has some loopholes, but I think it's forgivable as it doesn't significantly affect the story. The antagonist and the supporting characters are introduced into the story slowly over time for the stage of mystery. My favorite part of this drama is the characters. They all have distinct personalities and the cast does a good job bringing them out. There's a couple of actors I would highlight, in addition to the leads, to keep an eye out for, such as, Bo Peng as Xiao Xia, En Xing as Mo Ruo Fei, and the actor Liu Xin who plays Zhu Shou (one of the managers of the Zhu house). 

iwnlyg bo peng
Bo Peng as Xiao Xia
iwnlyg en xing mo ruo fei
En Xing as Mo Ruo Fei
iwnlyg liu xin zhu shou
Liu Xin as Zhu Shou
Vin Zhang Bin Bin as Cheng Yu/ Lian Yi Ke coupled with Ariel Lin is, of course, worth discussing. Ariel Lin has grown as an actress and it shows as I decided to skim her scenes in Prince of Lan Ling. I'm not familiar with Vin Zhang's acting besides his appearance in Eternal Love. The chemistry between the two actors are there and it'll jump off the screen in scenes when they are together. 

vin zhang hua buqi
Vin Zhang Binbin as Cheng Yu
Ariel Lin as Hua Buqi
Overall, I think this drama is worth watching. It has a little bit of laughter, fighting, conflict, and romance for a casual relaxing drama, even if it doesn't get you hooked. The script, acting, filming, music are all well-done to bring the story to life. 


  1. I love this series too. And it's worth to see! xD

  2. i love Ariel and Binbin but i think this one is so cliche, nothing new or exciting and dropped it after ep 7. im so tempted to skip to find scenes with Binbin but im more occupied with Well-inteded love at this moment i dont think i can lol

    1. NOTHING is new these days. I watched too many dramas these days, and so far it is only IWNLYG that is a bit more well made.

      Well at least I really appreciate the suspensible pace that kept my interest.
      At least it's not like all those other dramas that suck dirt, but as long as some popular idols are in it then they're the top thing. Both Ariel and Vin are famous but they didn't use their idol power to keep people watching. They chose a good script this time.

      Making a drama ten thousand times slower than any other dramas on earth does not make it the "newest" one. I would be so angry if directors started doing more and more of those deceitful things, I hate when idols run the drama and not the storyline run the drama. Crazy fans need to stop faking around, we want real dramas!!!

  3. Ariel ling was in the drama old boy last year, or was in 2017?. Well the thing the i wanna say is the this is his come back drama after 2 o 1 year, not 5

  4. I am thoroughly enjoying this drama! I started watching pretty much when Viki started releasing English subs and have liked every episode so far. I haven't actually seen any of Ariel's dramas because I took a 15 year break from C-drama (watched as a kid and teenager, stopped once I graduated high school), and even back then, I was only into wuxia and fantasy genres. I think both she and Vin are great so far, and I really like the pacing and the humour in this drama. It's a fun and entertaining drama that I've recommended to a few people, and they've ended up liking it as well.

  5. From episode 1 to episodes 28, was good until they introduce the second lead which was a major killed joy, that it lacked enjoyment. The storyline went to hell after it.

    1. I agreed. It was really good til the second came into view. After that, he just took most of the screen time, and we got less and less of Bin Bin. I just fast-forward to watch Bin Bin after that.