Daniel Wu is Jacky Wu 'Little Brother' From Martial Arts School

Daniel Wu Jacky Wu action stars
Once in a while, it's a surprise to find out that a certain actor or actress is related to another actor in some way.  We probably all know of Jacky Wu and Daniel Wu since both stars have made a big name for themselves.  

Jacky Wu's movies like Wolf Warrior 2 and the more recent The Wandering Earth are among the highest-grossing films in China.  Daniel Wu has likewise been busy expanding his Hollywood career.  He has appeared in latest Tomb Raider movie, lent his voice to Warcraft as Gul'dan and played Sunny in Into The Badlands which will premiere its final season next month.   

Daniel Wu Jacky Wu Jing martial arts school
What many may not know is that Jacky Wu and Daniel Wu trained in the same martial arts school.  Known for his career as an action star, Jacky Wu learned martial arts at a young age after joining a wushu school in 1989. Growing up in the States, Daniel's love for martial arts led him to travel to China with the US wushu team. At the time, Daniel couldn't speak Mandarin very well but Jacky helped him through it.  

Daniel Wu Jacky Wu Jing martial arts school
Jacky once explained the connection when he went on the Chinese talk show Day Day Up a few years ago. Jet Li was their martial arts senior (师兄). Daniel Wu's coach was Jacky's senior (师姐) as well. Since Daniel Wu trained under his senior, Jacky Wu is more like Daniel's 'uncle' (师叔). Jacky said that he's adopted Daniel to be his little brother and mentions that they refer to each other as "Big Wu" and "Little Wu."  

Daniel Wu Jacky Wu Jing martial arts school
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