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After more than a month, it's really time to bid goodbye to Minglan. For its last 3 days of airing, The Story of Minglan broke past 2% in CSM52 ratings. Unbeatable You seems to have gotten a boost from the back to back broadcast with Minglan as it garnered a high of 1.840% upon premiere. Ratings dwindled as the days went by though it still managed to break 1% by the end of the week.

Minglan kept its lead online in spite of a shakeup in rankings due to the new premieres. Queen Dugu which aired as a web drama starring Joe Chen and Chen Xiao has shot up to second place in online rankings. It's nice to see that Taiwanese idol drama ratings queens like Joe Chen and Ariel Lin both making it into the top 10. Well Intended Love star Xu Kaicheng moves up two spots to 4th place. 

Meanwhile, My Amazing Boyfriend 2 and Goodbye My Princess both premiered on Valentine's Day with the forming moving up the list in 5th place. 

CSM Nationwide

The Story of Minglan continues to lead CSM nationwide with ratings above 1%. It reached a series high of 2.030% on its final day of airing. 

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csm nationwide feb 11
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  1. I honestly don’t think Chen or Lin suit period dramas, they just lack an air of authencity. Idk maybe it’s because Taiwanese students don’t study Chinese history so they lack the knowledge and presence but I couldn’t get past a few minutes of either drama. And I’m just going to come out and say it but neither are good actresses, they’re very much ‘idol’ actresses.

    1. Who's Chen and Lin? Well better not be Joe Chen and Ariel Lin? You're going to have an essay to read here.

      Who do you think have authentic Chinese looks these days?
      Ariel and Joe are natural ladies, if they don't look Chinese to you at least they are all natural.

      LMAO to say Ariel and Joe are idol!!! NO WAY!!! Your info. is way SO SO SO wrong. Do you know what idol mean? Idol are people without talent, so they use other means to gain fan's interest so fans would push their career up for them. Idol is a really really offensive word to use on the wrong person FYI.

      Do you know that Joe started her career looking ugly, she played ugly ducking roles, it was all her acting alone that made her a big star? I am not a fan of Joe, but she is hard working and never media play about herself. There are some bad articles about her but she doesn't publish 70 articles a day about herself being the best person ever like some actress who are desperate. Joe Chen likes being herself, she keeps it real.

      Ariel Lin looks cute but till this day people still say she is ugly because her mouth and chin are so weird. It was her acting alone that made her a star. I am a normal fan of her, I watch her dramas when they are good dramas. I'm not those stupid annoying fans who would say Tokyo Juliet is good because "Look, Ariel is in it". No!

      Both these ladies build their career way up without buying tons of fans to write fake good comments about themselves.They are not idols at all. They had some bad dramas. But, they also had a few hit dramas that are good.
      They have fans loving them because they have skills, and have starred in many good projects! Not because they did plastic surgery to look good, or pay their fans to do services for them.

      I will give you an example of who is an idol.
      The idol person is Zhao Lying. Do you know she was not famous at all because she was not pretty and also not good at acting? After she went to get herself pretty, that's when she finally got liked. To this day I cannot name any well made projects that she'd done. They are all only mediocre. There isn't one particular (just one) that is even outstanding at all. But everything she's in are always top rated. Only because her fans pushed it up for her. How fair was that to other stars? There are so many more projects out there that are way better than Zhao Lying's dramas, but because they didn't buy enough fans to rate and comment their stuff, they never get famous. That's what an idol do. Somebody without true authentic beauty, and also cannot act. For Zhao Lying case she doesn't have very good personality too.

      You know what her fans like to do? They go around criticizing other hard working actresses. They go to other drama forums, and posted things like this, "This drama is so bad, I cannot stand a few minutes of the female lead, I rather go watch Ming Lan" EEER... If Ming Lan was a even an ok drama maybe I will not argue but Ming Lan is the worst ever.

      I can live with a plastic surgery beauty with mediocre acting skill like Zhao Lying, there are many actresses like that today. But her fans are the worse. They exaggerate too much about her projects. Most are not even close to the word call "ok", and they would say it's the best things ever like wtf???

    2. People who went to school at least study a little bit. Better than those who'd never studied, and also never went to school. At least they use their education qualifications and school networking to get into the industry without being shady.

      The two actresses are very knowledgable people. Not sure what is wrong with your head. But pretend if they are dumb, you have to know their mannerisms are very good! They don't only have IQ, but they have EQ too. On top of that, the 2 of them also played both egg headed roles, as well as the outsmarting roles perfectly. They played so convincingly. Such good actresses like them are definitely not idols.
      Seems like you're racist about some birds of the same kind when Taiwan and China are the same people. The difference is just the government and political stuff. Of course another big difference is the people in China are always unreasonable, to the point they don't even know their own history and hoping to destroy and disown it.

    3. 1a, no need to bring another actress to prove your point. The original comment not talking anything about Zhao Liying and there you are not only mention her but makes essay about how you hate her by defaming and false accusation.

      "But everything she's in are always top rated. Only because her fans pushed it up for her. How fair was that to other stars? There are so many more projects out there that are way better than Zhao Lying's dramas, but because they didn't buy enough fans to rate and comment their stuff, they never get famous. That's what an idol do. Somebody without true authentic beauty, and also cannot act. For Zhao Lying case she doesn't have very good personality too. " and "I can live with a plastic surgery beauty with mediocre acting skill like Zhao Lying."
      I don't care about your opinion with her skill, but clearly in here you make slander accusation. With this alone you make yourself look pathetic for hating someone who you don't know personally.

      I don't like The Story Of Minglan, and I'm her fans. Being fans not automatically makes me like all her work. But Minglan rating is the prove that not only her fans that like this drama, but GA too. How come only Minglan get 2.0 rating and Our Glamorous Time cannot if you said that Liying buy her fans, your logic....smh

      Don't bother to reply me, I don't have time to join your delusional rant/troll.

    4. Anon 1.a

      You are already WRONG saying Joe and Ariel are not idol artists. They started out and still are. Your “essay” ended there.

    5. Woah chill with all the name calling and why gotta say things like that about ZLY just because someone else criticized the acting abilities of an actress you liked? Jesus criticizing someone’s acting is NORMAL, it helps them grow. But saying mean things for no reason is just ridiculously rude. And you’re like all over the place with insanely long comments and they’re totally incoherently angry too, I don’t know what you’re even trying to say.


    6. Ummmm and I don’t think you understand what lacking knowledge of Chinese history means?? It’s just talking about whether they can pull off an ancient dynasty type of drama, like you know they haven’t done enough homework on it and stuff. It doesn’t have anything to do with if they’re pretty enough or if they’re smart enough..I don’t know why you’re so focused on how they look and how big their brain is???? That literally doesn’t have anything to do with anything?? I really don’t see any valid points in any of your comments, and it’s kinda funny how you think everyone replying to you is the same person..maybe just many people don’t agree with you because you’re really rude? Also ugh don’t come here calling Chinese people names, don’t drag us other commentators into your low brow mindset. Go away.

  2. 1a..very well said..totally agree with you

  3. No need to prove yourself how good your idol is. But proof of his achievements online and rating

    1. Online ratings are only bought, that's a competition of doing business. Not a fair competition of who's art is the best.

      I don't think fans of idols understand that concept. They don't know what the word "skill" mean so they just say their idols have skills without understanding anything. They really don't know what they saying.

      To this day they still think online rating matters. Go ahead and waste your time rating stuff nobody is judging anything base on a non-factual cheating system like that anymore.

      Silly how idol fans do not like the fact that their idols are only idols, and go call other serious actresses idol when they're not.

  4. You don’t need to put another actress down just to defend your favorite actresses. Frankly debating someone’s acting abilities is perfectly reasonable, it’s their job after all. But calling someone ugly and plastic and defaming them by insinuating they buy fame is not okay.
    Also I’m pretty sure no one brought up looks but you? Not suiting period dramas does not equate to not looking ‘Chinese enough’, whatever that even means. Plenty of actors get called out for playing roles that don’t suit them.

    1. 1. Not my favorite actresses - already made that point LOL
      2. Not putting someone down, but stating out examples. LOL
      3. "not pretty" doesn't necessarily mean "ugly". You brought up the word ugly here yourself. LOL
      4. No one brought up looks but me? LOL "not suiting period dramas" is brought up looks and it was somebody else who brought up that topic. And, why is it wrong for anyone to bring up the topic of looks? LOL

      You kinda weird LOL

  5. Miss 1a and 1b and 4a and 5a and however many times you’re going to reply here—
    This is not a political forum, keep that stuff out of here. Calling all mainland Chinese people ‘unreasonable’ (especially on a platform full of Chinese dramas) and LOLing at everything you’re saying makes you sound sadly misinformed and slightly delusional. The fact is plenty of Taiwanese actors are not well read on Chinese history and many have said so themselves. So no they are not knowledgeable on their work and unfortunately in some instances it does reflect on screen. This is not a China vs Taiwan debate like you’ve convinced yourself of in your head but plainly whether a certain actress suits a certain role. And to be very honest you’re the only one being aggressive.

    Ariel Lin is considered the queen of idol dramas so yes she is an idol actress. It’s probably exactly the reason why she has been so slow on improving over the years. She’s close to 40 so for a veteran actress she isn’t very impressive. I don’t think she’s a good actress and you think she is—that’s fine, we can agree to disagree. But kindly refrain from calling her a ‘serious actress’ as if other actresses aren’t serious about their craft, that’s just rude.

    Also what does intelligence have to do with acting? 99% of the smartest people in the world are not on stage. And plenty of the best actors in the world have not attained higher education. It’s about talent and ability.

    1. Come on, how many times did you reply here too?

      Are you sure you are not re-imagining things again, about things like who brought up what topic first?
      He/she (or probably you) said it first that Taiwan students did not learn Chinese history. First of all they are actors and did not write the storyline of their dramas, so to know if they study or not study, how would you know? Many Taiwanese said it themselves that they haven't studied but that does not include all, and more likely they were just being polite.
      Anyway it's just funny how you must force this on Taiwan actors without any good reasoning and explanation.

      "what does intelligence have to do with acting?" Because you said this sentence "So no they are not knowledgeable on their work and unfortunately in some instances it does reflect on screen."

    2. Well I went to high school in Taiwan and actually nowadays Taiwanese students don’t study much Chinese history at all. So that’s probably why actors said they don’t know much. I don’t know why you keep saying all this random stuff that make no sense just to try to prove your point. And wow are you serious with the whole saying rude things about Chinese people on a site about CHINESE dramas. Stop creating problems when we’re all only here to discuss dramas and actors and acting and cinematography. What’s wrong with you. We don’t need to see all the vitriol and hate you’re spewing here. I cant stand people like you who get crazy angry and attack others when they have a different opinion from you, so unnecessary. And so annoying too.

  6. Everyone, just ignore the commenter at 1a, 1b, 4a, 5a and 6a.

    There’s no point arguing with such a blatantly prejudiced, biased, aggressive, provocative and vacuous troll who uses pure emotion rather than logic to make his/her remarks, and to sling mud and attack others indiscriminately and undeservedly.

    As an aside, there is a difference between being intelligent and being knowledgeable. If you don’t know the difference, may I suggest that you look up a dictionary. You may find yourself enlightened.

  7. Such long essays just to say that you hate zhao liying LMAO
    Idol actress my ass.. like liying didnt start out as minor characters for years, it took her 7 years to hit it big. She work her ass off, even when she already hit big, she keeps on working hard. She may not be zhang ziyi or sun li’s level of an actress, but at least the viewers find her acting pleasant enough to keep getting high ratings. Not her fault that many people like her and will always watch her dramas, how childish that you cant differentiate between her fandom and liying herself. But what can you expect from someone blinded by hate. Dont bother to reply, I’ve seen you making disparaging comments to liying on this site before, hating on a celebrity who you dont even know personally is a jobless activity, I dont need to interact with such people

    1. Very well said...totally agree with u

    2. Totally agree with u....

  8. LOL Miss anon 1, 5, 6, 6.b, 7 is asking everybody to listen to her when she created a bunch of rude topics.

    Then, she blames me for starting out all these topics.

    Then funny enough, she's saying I cannot talk about anything about her idol. But only she can say all these smacks about serious hard working actresses however she likes.

    She calls others prejudice and bias, aggressive, troll, etc. without knowing how she is like herself. She needs to go buy the correct dictionary, or google things up for free. Her logic is sure very good and the best.

    1. I’m not the commenter at 1, 5, 6 or 6b for your information. It’s funny how you think we’re all the same person when we’re not. It looks like lots of different people find you rude and thoughtless and don’t agree with you

      By falsely accusing the first commenter, you’ve committed an injustice

      Stop being overly defensive when you’ve been called out on your hate speech

      You’re just embarrassing yourself

      No-one has claimed that you started this topic. People are objecting to how vicious, erroneous and unsubstantiated your comments are

      If you dare to make such unbelievably unjustified, rude and nasty comments, you should expect to be challenged and to receive many different replies from different people in opposition to yours

      And thanks for acknowledging my superior logic. You at least got that one right!

    2. Wow as if I am all of those you pointed at me too, really funny how you blame everything at me.
      It's too obvious what type of person you are by now, somebody who lies and blame others, no need to pretend anymore by this point. Keep on making up as many lies as you want on this page, I'll stop here to see how far you will go into this.

    3. Boo hoo! Woe is me! Playing the victim here? *snort* Throw a pity party for yourself. No-one cares!

      You’ve gone so far into deluded territory that you don’t even know the definition of a lie. Once again, look up a dictionary. It will help to compensate for the empty space between your ears.

      You have boldly claimed for all to see that you will stop here. I bet you won’t!

      We’ll be seeing another pathetic rant from you in 3, 2, 1...

    4. LMAO I’m dying....your style of reasoning is like Trump 2.0. man leave it to a troll like you to bring up the comment count tho huh. so out of curiosity I went and watched some of the drama ariel lin is in because I’ve never seen her act and I just.....if you think she’s a top actress I can only lol. her crying scenes are probably some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen. both qiao en and li ying are leagues above her, get over it

  9. Damn, everyone needs to chill out! At the end of the day, they be sipping on tea and making it rain, while everyone is kicking a fuss over their acting and looks.

  10. Wow...Zhu Yilong really deserve the 1st place ! He is a very good actor and Minglan's good ratings are mostly due to him.
    I see there is a war between fans. Well...my opinion is also that Liying has not very good acting skills . Even her fans know that critics weren't always favorable to her. Fortunately, her male co-stars were always very good actors so many of the dramas were successful. Her fans are sometimes very arrogant ignoring the merits of her co-stars...like she is the only one who's acting in all those dramas and this isn't fair at all for her co-stars