Zhao Liying first among Vlinkage's top 100 celebs for 3 years straight

Zhao Liying Yang Mi Dilraba Dilmurat
There's one more report to add to the year-ender lists from last year. Vlinkage has unveiled their top 100 celebrities for 2018 and it's a list dominated by the ladies. Zhao Liying takes the top spot once again, her third year in a row. Yang Mi and Dilraba Dilmurat who take second and third place were also among the top 3 bankable stars named by CBN Weekly. Did your favorite star make the list? 

Top 10
1. Zhao Liying
2. Yang Mi
3. Dilraba Dilmurat
4. Yang Yang
5. Hu Ge
6. Yang Zi
7. Zhu Yilong
8. Karry Wang Junkai
9. Tiffany Tang Yan
10. Luhan

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  1. A proof that people are more interesting of rumors and scandals than of acting skills and the quality of the actresses' dramas/movies

    1. Haters gonna hate

    2. I agree with Anon1. Fans are going to disagree but altho ZLY acted for longer peroid than DLRB, her acting skills is not any better than DLRB. She is really mediocre at best. Plus, all the dramas they played are all terrible the same.

      But, with DLRB I can understand why she is so famous. People find her really really pretty (although I don't agree myself, just my taste). But at least she is all natural. She is also very successful in fashion. Also, she is under YM who is so famous.

      With ZLY, she took a long break for really bad health issues, but in the end it was pregnancy, indeed she had made lots of lies in the media so far. Her looks are average, and most likely did plastic surgery as well. She was unsuccessful in fashion or anything else besides mediocre acting. How she always get first place for everything is always suspicious.

    3. @Gib, in that case, I'm going to agree with Anon2 and disagree with your comment.

      To begin with, I agree with you that ZLY does not have the best acting in the industry, but nor do I think that it is as bad as that of DLRB. You said so yourself: ZLY has been in the industry for much longer, and thus taken on many more varied roles. This should at least garner her some more respect (who knows where DLRB will be after 5 more years, when she reaches ZLY's age?) Furthermore, ZLY appears to be straying away from more idol dramas, particularly with her latest--The Story of Ming Lan--which is by no means "terrible" considering the quality of Daylight Entertainment.

      As to your second point, let's be frank: you have no idea whether or not either actresses are "all natural" or got plastic surgery. More importantly, physical appearance really shouldn't be a factor that makes DLRB "deserve" being famous or something, and it certainly shouldn't be something that stops ZLY from being famous. Putting aside the fact that many people indeed find ZLY pretty (especially for a woman of 30), celebrities can and should be famous for factors other than their looks.

      TLDR; you can like who you like, but you shouldn't put people down for being first place or accuse them without having hard evidence. That being said, I respect your opinion.

    4. Let's put DLRB in a "Daylight Entertainment" or replace her as Ming Lan instead, would your opinion will still remain the same?

      Nope, Legend of Ming Lan is another idol show sorry.
      It does have all the details that look similar to serious drama like Yanxi Gong Lue and NIF, but it doesn't have the same aura, same feeling and bombass storylines. Plus, the snail pace was not a help. Another saying for it, it captured the looks, but not the heart.

      The story also has flaws too despite it being Daylight Entertainment (they had failed dramas before). The writer wants Ming Lan to suddenly have talents out of nowhere, then boom she just have those talents without any explanation. Does Ming Lan exercise everyday? When? Where? Why? How? She was able to archery and play polo better than all the men. That's really unrealistic. And that theme is going to continue throughout the series.

    5. anon 1.c But Angela Baby was a famous actress before ZLY, I bet nobody would say give her face and say she acts better than ZLY. Regardless of who enter the entertainment first, that doesn't affect acting.
      In the year of 2018, ZLY had not done much work but just air one drama.
      But her drama OGT is really bad.
      And for Ming Lan, it just started...so I wouldn't even count that toward 2018.
      It is not quite fair to say she is bankable in 2018, all she did was trying to hide honestly.

      Another fact bout Ming Lan...well, intelligent and smartness is one thing. But martial arts and sports, that's another thing. To be an expert in those, you will have to go through sweats and heat. I find the writer quite childish to make Ming Lan physically strong at everything. She obviously did not train and build up her body everyday to be strong that way. Even in Princess Wei Young, she knows martial arts but she is still a weak woman you know...it's not like she will always win whenever she fights.
      About the plastic surgery, I kind of have an eye for it because I don't support plastic surgery and I appreciate those who are natural more.

    6. Gib, give the woman a break... she got married and got pregnant in 2018. That's not really "hiding" from the public as she has no obligation to tell us all that she's preggo. Plus didn't she work the whole year for the past few years except for a few days off? Liying puts in the work, that's what makes her bankable in 2018

  2. Seeing my Yang Zi on the list makes me happy. Just the thought of me not knowing who she was at all during Ashes of Love is so sad. I'm a fan now and it's nice to see her up there with all the popular ones too. Surprised Deng Lun isn't on the list.

  3. When I was young, I saw Mr. Vampire with Lam Chi Ying and I really really like it. I saw 2 more of his movies then I continue to watch anything with him in there as the master, because I know they will be so good. I will never call that guy an "idol". His acting is strict and superb. Besides his martial arts stunts are done by himself! He probably directed the movies himself as well! Such a guy, who dares to call him an "idol"? Also I only watch the good movies with him in there, some bad ones I don't watch the second time.

    I think people today are really confused about what idol is and start labeling everybody idols. I think idol is somebody who star in many bad dramas and fans still continue to watch and praise every bad dramas and rated them the highest. The best example would be ZLY, she probably started that trend too. I remember I used to watch anything with Wallace Huo in it, yeah...because he always played a hero so manly every time, and most of his dramas are always good too. He's not as awesome as Lam Chi Ying, but, like how I watch Lam Chi Ying's movies, whenever Wallace Huo had a bad drama then I don't watch anymore. When his dramas are good then I watch it. Everybody did the same thing like that back then, whether it is for Ruby Lin, Yang Mi, Liu shi shi, etc...We all watch things they starred in naturally without annoyance. Today, everyone starts calling them idols when...they're not!

    It wasn't until ZLY pop up, all everybody started caring about and trying to compete each other with is...let's get the most followers, the most viewers, the most highest rated drama. But all the dramas are the crappiest things ever, as long as the idol star in it.

    1. Honestly, I don't think that ZLY is the most guilty of being an idol actress, I would say the best example is DiliReba. Ming Lan is really good quality and definitely not an idol drama, whereas it's hard to find something like that from DiliReba...

    2. Why DLRB is not the best example, when her dramas are bad her fans would say yes they are really bad and dumb, and that they'r eonly watching because of her and Vinn. Or for the shippings. They admit DLRB is not the best actress. Her fans will not act blind about how dumb her dramas are.

      But for ZLY, her dramas are really bad and her fans are watching solely for her only but they never want to admit any embarassing facts. Her acting was not any better than DLRB, but her fans would always debunk other actresses and make her out to be the best actress who always stars in the best storylines. Very untrue. The label of an idol is exactly this, continouously do low quality dramas after dramas, but people are still crazy into over praising them. DLRB is an idol too, but still much smaller one than ZLY now.

  4. Some people are just ridiculous. Hating on ZLY because her dramas do well even though YOU think they’re crappy. Hey...everybody has different taste.

    Minglan is by far an idol drama. Nice try on discrediting her.

  5. #1-3 are all pretty mediocre to bad actresses. I wish to see less of ZLY, Yang Mi (probably the worst of the bunch in terms of acting skills), and DD, and more actresses with actual talent.

  6. I like all the top 3 actresses mentioned above, Zhao Li Ying, Yang Mi and Dilraba Dilmurat, and I'm honestly happy for their success. When it comes down to their acting abilities, I'm not necessarily the best judge there is, but seeing how others seem to just go ahead and give their two cents, I'm just going to do so as well.

    First of all Yang Mi: She's actually a pretty good actress, if you've seen the different works she has, then you would know exactly how ridiculous it is to call her the worst or just bad in general. Recent works from her that I liked are Legend of Fu Yao and The Witness, I also am considering watching Reset because I heard good stuff about it.
    When it comes down to Zhao Li Ying, she has, in my humble opinion at least, not yet reached Yang Mi's level acting wise. She's definitely not bad, if you watched her in the Mystic Nine or Princess Agents, then you would be able too see that she is definitely capable of portraying different characters. In her case, I just think that she is lacking a bit of variety in the characters that she plays. But she has time, I mean, she just reached her thirties and there will be lots of different and good roles she could start playing at this age, instead of dramas like Noble Aspirations, that really are a bit too ridiculous for my liking. Lastly, concerning The Story of Ming Lan, I think it's far too early to judge. It just started out, and we have like another 60 episodes before us, so really, practically anything could happen.
    Dilraba Dilmurat, on the other hand, is still only just starting. She's starring in a lot of dramas, but the ones I watched her in such as Pretty Li Huizhen or Sweet Dreams are pretty much what I would consider an idol drama, those being dramas with no actually good plot or deep characters, in general a drama where everything appears to be superficial. However, like I mentioned above, she's really just starting out and she has a lot more years and works before her. Probably, considering her age, those may be the type of dramas we can expect from her for now, but I'm sure that soon, she will start starring in more complex, and more challenging works. I guess she's just building a foundation for her career, so that later on, when she takes different roles, and those roles do not go along with her current bubbly image, she won't have to take a deep fall.

    Another issue I saw in the comments above is plastic surgery. And well, phrasing it nicely, the only thing I can truly say, is that this is none of your business. In all honesty, like why do people even bother with this whole 'natural' or 'unnatural'. There is nothing wrong with doing, or not doing, plastic surgery. It's their face, not yours. Whether they want to change it or not, is up to them. Everyone except them should just shut up and let them be. You're not the one living their lives, you don't know why they chose to do plastic surgery or not, so judging them for it is just plain ridiculous.

    Now, I think I said everything I wanted to say, so I will stop here, hopefully I didn't do any mistakes. If someone actually read the whole thing, then thank you, I appreciate it:)

    1. The Legend of Fuyao and Yang Mi’s acting skills are both laughably bad. I cringed so many times getting to the end of that series. And no serious critic would consider them good or even decent. Regarding the comments on people’s plastic surgery, this is a comment section; people can express their views if they want, especially without the worry of censorship. When a celebrity with a huge platform does plastic surgery, they normalize it to a wider audience and make an invasive surgical procedure seem like a casual or even desirable thing. But more often than not, plastic surgery is associated with so many bigger problems: superficiality, conforming to a certain beauty standard to an extreme degree, often masking some form of self-rejection or even self-loathing. I am glad people call them out for it.

    2. Look, if you don't like the Legend of Fuyao and Yang Mi's acting, then you don't like it, but calling it laughably bad is ridiculous. Did you actually watch the series?
      But then again, you do you. Maybe you're standards are just really really high. I was happy with the series because the story was actually good, like, it could have been written better, and there were a few moments, where I though that they could have delved deeper into this, but at the end of the day, it was a good series and the acting most of the time convincingly pulled off. That is all I will say about this.

      And regarding plastic surgeries, sure, they are at times done due to the problems you mentioned above, but especially in the cases of self-rejection or self-loathing, who are you to tell them to fight against the critic society hurts them with? You're not them, you don't know what they may have to go through, and to just go around talking about how it's good that people call them out for it, which is usually done in the form of insults or just being hurtful in general, that is not okay.
      And in all honesty, plastic surgery is not a bad thing. If it helps someone and they are the ones making the decision to do it, then they can just go ahead. You said that celebrities doing plastic surgeries normalizes this type of procedure, and you know, as long as it isn't dangerous, then why should it not be considered acceptable?

      I'm sure when you mentioned the issue of plastic surgery, you meant that it would be better to create a world, where nobody has to feel as if they aren't good enough and that they have to change to conform to society's standards to live a normal life. I understand this and if that was possible, it would be great. But I highly doubt that such a world will ever exist, at least not with us humans in it. And we simply said do not have the right to tell others that they should continue to suffer or just get themselves together and overcome the critic they get, just so that we can attempt to create this idealistic world where nobody judges anybody.

      Ah, and I nearly forgot, about this being a comment section and people being able to express their opinions without having to fear censorship, well, this only counts as long as constructive criticism is being given, such as in your case. However, most of the time people tend to forget that we are talking about other human beings, who have feelings as well, and they just go ahead with insults and just say mean things in general. And that is just plain horrible, there is no need for those type of comments.

      That was everything, once again, thanks for reading:)

    3. @anon6a
      Yang Mi's acting in Fuyao is definitely not laughable. You are just biased towards her. She's made quite an effort to improve her acting skill and she actually did it. Bravo Yang Mi!

    4. The Legend of Fuyao and Yang Mi’s acting skill as good? Were YOU watching the show? The show’s pacing was completely uneven; they dragged out 30 episodes for the first kingdom, and then the last half was all over the place in all the other kingdoms. The ending didn’t even make any sense. There was little to no character development or complexity, especially in the case of Fuyao, who pretty much stayed the same character throughout. The show recycled every cliché that has already been done before with its Mary Sue character and plotline. All in all, it was a huge disappointment.

      In terms of Yang Mi’s acting, she still has the deer-in-headlight look. She uses the exact same expressions that she does in her other series (I can’t even tell the difference between Fuyao and her character in her other recent series, The Negotiator, when I compared the two.) She is too aware of the camera, and it shows in her acting. Instead of seeing the character, I always see Yang Mi acting in front of a camera. She always has that same expression where her eyes dart back and forth and down. Like a lot of pretty celebrities, her looks often help to mask her actual ability to undiscerning viewers who are easily captivated by good looks but who can’t really tell good from mediocre or bad acting. Strangely enough, I thought she was better when she was younger, but for whatever reason, she is far more limited in her skills now. Yang Mi is not as bad as Angelababy, but is probably a bit worse than ZLY and DD (who are both admittedly pretty mediocre actresses). And it shows on the credentials. Like a lot of the actresses on this page’s list, Yang Mi is usually the winner of popular actress awards, second-rate/popular entertainment awards, and has even picked up a Golden Broom (for worst actress). Most of the celebrities here are not considered good actresses by expert standards. But they are bankable because of their looks and popularity, not so much because of stellar acting.

    5. I also hate it when actors mess too much with Botox because it can really limit facial expressions in freezing the muscles on their face. A genuine crying scene, if it’s really well done, usually looks quite ugly because it captures raw feeling. What annoys me so much about these actresses is that they are too worried about looking pretty even when they’re crying or doing a traumatic scene. (If you watch a lot of the behind-the-scene cuts, Yang Mi is borderline obsessed about looking pretty. I'd rather she focus on her acting skills).

      Regarding plastic surgery, I think there is so much wrong with it, and when celebrities do it, they become the posterchild for a world of shallowness. And plastic surgery is not just some casual, easy procedure like putting on foundation or eyeshadow or whatever. Shaving off a piece of your jaw, cutting off parts of your nose, or slicing up your boob to insert a piece of plastic in it that could burst at any time are all pretty invasive procedures that require recovery time and some might even have long-term effects. If aliens were to view humans doing plastic surgery from afar, they’d probably think it was some form of self-mutilation. Plastic surgery reminds me so much of the practice of foot-binding in China, when women would bind and deform their feet because it supposedly made them look “beautiful.”

      And then there is the issue of racialization that happens with certain procedures as well, like eyelid surgery, which so crushingly and horrifyingly rejects the notion that Asian monolids could even be considered beautiful. I hate the underlying message that you should change yourself and conform. Asians don’t have to look like Westerners or change themselves to be considered beautiful. People should be teaching others to accept themselves and learn to deal with whatever problems or insecurities from within—to have the courage to embrace who you are, rather than encouraging people to enter a world of vanity and only addressing things superficially through plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is never just a simple private decision; there are always deeply psychological, social, and cultural messages that a person sends out to others. And the world sure could do with less shallowness and obsession with physical appearances.

  7. Some people are just jealous of ZLY, she has lots of high rating dramas- all I have watched. She is still my favorite cos she knows how to choose interesting stories

  8. I don't care about plastic surgery. I just wanted to say if Zhao li ying is top 1 let it be why so anxious aboutit she has done something to be in that place. I watched all her dramas and movies Princess agents she is very good.I am not even in China bit I like her.

  9. You all are making comments that defeat the topic. This isn't about acting, it's about how much they've been talked about on the media. Most bankable isn't just about their acting career but also reality tv modelling and endorsements. I hate plastic surgery but it's not done on me and none of the people around me are stupid enough to consider it. Beauty standards differ in every location. It's kinda funny to me when I see people going for double eyelid or bigger lips using plastic surgery, it doesn't offend me because it's their body and personally I think if you're not capable of thinking for yourself don't get into the internet or watch TV at all. They are doing this to themselves but I've never heard or seen a celebrity promoting plastic surgery. As long as they don't advertise it leave them alone. It's their life and money. They're human too. You can choose to do what they do or not. It's that simple. Example are you going to attempt suicide just coz your bias did?