Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng: Minglan's Real Life Love Story

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Although it's telling a very different story, watching The Story Of Minglan 知否知否应是绿肥红瘦 starring newly weds Zhao Liying  and Feng Shaofeng can feel like watching their love story and even if they were secretive while dating, Feng has been openly answering questions about the drama and the couple now that they're married.  

When talking about The Story Of Minglan, Feng Shaofeng shares that Gu Tingye and Minglan are two characters that didn't have anything between them. They were like two parallel lines that would never cross. Their characters had more interaction as kids, but as adults, nothing was going on between them at first. It was after their marriage and shared experiences that they found their happy ending. 

It's interesting to hear that in hindsight because many did not expect for Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng to end up together. Hou Hongliang, the producer of The Story Of Minglan, revealed that Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng were already a couple even before filming started and the drama was a process for them to get to know each other better.  Director Zhang Kaizhou even mentioned that he noticed both Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng were tacitly acquainted.  They would often take pictures and put captions on them describing their day of filming. 

Feng Shaofeng Zhao Liying Story of Minglan

Feng was asked if the way he courted Zhao Liying was similar to his character Gu Tingye who boldly pursued Minglan. He said that he was never that daring but he believes that developing feelings over time and never giving up are the biggest wisdom. 

Feng said that through the drama, he learned a lot of things since he had never experienced married life before. The main couple in the drama has a very practical relationship as they help and support each other throughout their marriage. For Feng, it is also an ideal for him. Feng also explains that marriage and living together has made him learn to balance work and life. "It's pretty good. Now I have more personal time, even a family life." he says.

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  1. So i guess skipping was a good decision since the ground works and all the bg take too long, what ep is good to continue to watch their marriage life? Lol

  2. What are they re-learning, they had marriage lives in so many other dramas before. The Legendary Minglan is just another cliche, typical and predictable big female lead drama.

    1. Are you following the drama? Did you know the story between the leads marriage? How respect and understanding were the bases of their marriage. Is it wrong then if feng shao feng find it as a new lesson?

    2. I have watched it...cus fans were saying it's so good and all that stuff. Whats the story between them after marriage? According to somewhere I read...they did not really love each other but just married. They learned to love each other after marriage. So about the base of the marriage you mentioned, that is not strong at all, in fact that is risky. Super risky. In reality, most people can end up in divorce because of not knowing each other enough. There are so many dramas before where there are very understanding couples...just because ZLY and FSF starred as a couple does not mean this story is the best story ever like people made it out to be, and that they are the best strong marriage couples. The honest truth, this drama is extremely boring. They said the purpose of the slowness is to show development. Honestly-honestly, no character development anywhere what-so-ever. Except there were life-changing-circumstances that happened in some of the characters lives (and those happened too slowly).