Zhang Zhehan Leaves Huanyu Film, Ends Working Relationship With Yu Zheng

Zhang Zhehan ends contract with Huanyu Film Yu Zheng
Zhang Zhehan has been with Yu Zheng's agency Huanyu Film for a while now and it has been a somewhat average arrangement.  In the past years, he has played minor roles for series such as The Romance of the Condor Heroes and as young Lin Shu in Nirvana In Fire.  He also landed lead roles in Legend Of Ban Shu and Demon Girl which would've boosted his career but both received lukewarm responses.  

Huanyu Film actors actresses (Yu Zheng Studio)
After seeing Huanyu Film's 2019 artist roster, I found that Zhang Zhehan was nowhere on it.  As it turns out, he has decided to part ways with his agency.  Zhang has posted on social media thanking Yu Zheng for the opportunity.  

He mentions he was lucky enough to be brought into the fold by Yu Zheng six years ago wherein he had the opportunity to work with amazing people.  He worked with passion on the series he was part of and was trained from a newbie to an actor with a sense of faith.  

Zhang Zhehan recalls what Yu Zheng taught him.  "Acting is the same as other professions.  You need  enthusiasm and impeccable sense, as well as focus and a strong sense of belief"  he said.  "More importantly though, you should have an actor's work ethic. Respect the profession. Respect the time and hard work of every staff member.  Only by doing this will your efforts be rewarded."  

Zhang Zhehan
Zhang Zhehan further says how Yu Zheng always supported him and that working with him has been the most important six years of his life.  Zhang also thanked his agent Hui Quanjie and everyone else who has given him encouragement and support.

Zhang ended the post by saying he will always be grateful and remember what Yu Zheng has taught him as he starts his new journey to be a good actor.  

Apparently, all Zhang Zhehan needed was a little luck.  He played the leading man in Legend Of Yunxi which has positively impacted Zhang's popularity.  Wishing Zhang Zhehan more success in the future.

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  1. He was everything in legend of yunxi... The drma was good and his acting was sooooooo good... He just need little luck to shine

  2. Good decision. He's been there long enough and Yu Zheng hasn't been doing anything much for him and only seemed to cast him in his flop projects. Hopefully he can take the momentum gained from Legend of Yun Xi forward with a new and better agency.

  3. i hope he'll be able to take more projects after. i'm still waiting for zhao ge to air tho...

  4. Good to hear will be online Zhang Zhehan series as one of the main role.I love he's series nice even with SUBTITLES in English. He is very good at acting hope not just one but more and more, nudity including longer kisses is new generation as a gun I want see more.