Xifei's Royal Love in the Palace Expected To Start Filming Soon

Xifei's Royal Love in the Palace Peter Ho Viva He
It seems that more and more people domestically and internationally are growing an appetite for period dramas, as witnessed by the success of Qing Dynasty dramas like Story Of Yanxi Palace and Ruyi's Royal Love In The Palace.  It's probably good news for folks that Xifei's Royal Love In The Palace based on a novel of the same title is expected to start shooting this year.

The similarity in the English title is no coincidence because it is said to come from the producers of Ruyi. Nothing's been set in stone until the official announcements are made though a Weibo page has already been created. 

Xifei's Royal Love in the Palace
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace Viva He Hongshan
Insiders reveal that Peter Ho has been cast to play the role of Yongzheng Emperor and Viva He Hong Shan as Zhen Huan. There seems to be mixed reactions on Xifei's Royal Love In The Palace and some wonder if this "Zhen Huan 2.0" will be as good as the first one. We last saw Peter Ho with the Qing Dynasty hairstyle in Nothing Gold Can Stay, and Viva He actually played one of Qianlong's concubines in Ruyi. 

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  1. Two is enough at least for a few years...another one of the same Emperor and his Harem in such a short time frame? I hope it is not the wrong decision.