Wong Cho-lam and Leanne Li reveal baby's photo for the first time

Wong Cho-lam Leanne Li daughter Gabrielle
Wong Cho-lam recently celebrated his 39th birthday with wife Leanne Li and their baby Gabrielle whom they named after an angel. Being married for almost four years, Leanne gave birth to her daughter last month and proudly shared the baby's photo when greeting her husband a happy birthday on social media. Leanne joked about having two babies now and asked if Wong Cho-lam liked his present this year. He responds that his wife and child are his greatest gifts. 

Wong Cho-lam has repeatedly teased about his baby's appearance in the past and said that he didn't share photos on purpose because the baby looked too much like him. It's no secret that he wanted their daughter to take after his long-legged wife. We can't say for sure who Gabrielle actually takes after but she's clearly adored by her parents and utterly adorable

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