Original Sin reveals Chi Zhen's ending and hints at season 2

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The recent ending of crime thriller drama Original Sin 原生之罪 left viewers mourning when the main character Chi Zhen, played by Zhai Tianlin, was last seen on a train gravely wounded and presumably dead. The character's death trended on social media the next day for being too tragic and many demanding that Chi Zhen not be killed off. It looks like their prayers have been answered now that the show has dropped an easter egg to reveal the real ending

Original Sin Chi Zhen Zhai Tianlin alive

Original Sin Real Ending Chi Zhen Zhai Tianlin alive

Original Sin Ending Chi Zhen Zhai Tianlin alive
Chi Zhen looks directly into the camera... alive!

The first season left many unanswered questions like the mystery behind Chi Zhen's older sister's killer. According to Director WaiMan Yip, if the viewers like the drama, they would very much like to continue filming a second season. He also reveals that many of the cast and crew members have called him to ask that they continue. 

Zhai Tianlin dropped the biggest hint yet as he thanked everyone for their anticipation for a second season. He said that he felt everyone's love for the characters Chi Zhen and Lu Li (played by Yin Zheng). He then shared a picture with iQIYI CEO Gong Yu and iQIYI VP Dai Ying and told everyone to wait for their updates. It looks like season 2 is practically confirmed. 

Zhai Tianlin Original Sin BTS

Lastly, a picture behind the scenes of Zhai Tianlin, Cherry NganWaiMan Yip and Yin Zheng. No goodbyes. 

Original Sin BTS cdrama
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