NRTA Reveals Dramas With Episode Count Changes

The Longest Day in Chang An Jackson Yee Lei Jiayin
It could be for many reasons that a drama series has to cut down or increase their episode count. The National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) released a list of drama series that recently made changes to their episode count. 

The Legends 50 to 55
Hai Zhi Yao 36 to 45
One Step to the Heavens 40 to 50
Another Me 48 to 53
My True Friend 46 to 48
All Is Well 55 to 46
Puzzle 40 to 52
The Golden Eyes 60 to 56
Qing Yu Nian 52 to 46
August Not The End 80 to 60
Chen Xi Yuan 58 to 60 

Among them, the most noticeable is The Longest Day In Chang'An for having a drastic reduction from 60 to 26 episodes! It is an action thriller based on the novel of the same name by Ma Bo Yong starring Jackson Yee and Lei Jiayin. Netizens immediately feared that the reason for the drastic change could be censorship. 

The Longest Day in Chang An Jackson Yee
Director Cao Dun appeases viewers with an explanation.  Apparently, The Longest Day In Chang'An is divided into 2 parts for the NRTA review.  The first part reviewed by NRTA was 26 episodes long and the second part is still in post production.  Cao Dun reassures that no substantial cuts were made.  

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  1. I understand why a drama has to be cut down, but I dont understand why do they have to increase the number of episodes?

  2. I saw a list like this last year and it had Pillow Book that went from 25 episodes to over 50 and it had Our Glamorous Time going from 30 to over 50. All the additions is always fillers. Remember that Ashes of Love also added episodes full of filler. Productions need to stop doing this.

  3. On the other hand, they shortened The Golden Eyes by 4 episodes and how did they end it? With a written note saying the criminals were brought to justice. That was it, so we didn't even know if he came through the eye surgery okay or if he died.