Nichkhun's response after trending over weight gain

Nichkhun gain weight
Nichkhun was trending some days ago under the hashtag 'Nichkhun got fatter' on weibo. The topic came after close up pictures of his face from a recent event started going around online. It's probably not something he wanted to be trending for but the singer-actor did notice and was a good sport about it. He explains that there are too many good Chinese dishes and he just couldn't stop (eating)! 

Nichkhun gain weight
So.. he's seriously working out instead (shows off the big guns). Ah well, no complaints here.

Nichkhun working out

Nichkhun currently stars as the newbie office worker in Shall We Fall In Love. Wang Feifei is also part of the cast as the second lead. 

Nichkhun Shall We Fall In Love cdrama

Nichkhun Shall We Fall In Love cdrama Wang Feifei
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