Lai Kuanlin unveils future plans and takes the lead in A Little Thing Called First Love

Lai Kuanlin
Popular South Korean boyband Wanna One will have their final concert towards the end of January after which the members will go their separate ways. Anticipation is high for each of the members and rapper Lai Kuanlin who's also the maknae at 17 year old seems to be gearing up for a debut in China. 

He held his solo first press conference today in Beijing to unveil his future plans from music to film and various endorsement deals. Lai Kuanlin shares that he has always wanted to release his own single and also thinks about preparing for an album. Tiger Hu will be coming onboard as the music director for Lai Kuanlin's first Chinese single. 

Lai Kuanlin  Chinese Drama A Little Thing Called First Love
Aside from music, Lai Kuanlin has officially signed a three-picture deal with Wang Ke, president of Mango Entertainment. The first of which is a Chinese drama adaptation of A Little Thing Called First Love 初恋那件小事 based on a Thai film of the same name. On being casted as the romantic lead, the producer shared that Lai Kuanlin has a face that fits the image of first love. He is very high-spirited and the class senior that you look up to in school. 

Lai Kuanlin Mango Entertainment
Considering that he's gotten over 1 million followers just a few days after opening his weibo account this week, it looks like the young idol has quite a fanbase awaiting his acting debut. 

Lai Kuanlin Beijing presscon Jan 13

Lai Kuanlin Beijing presscon Jan 13
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  1. Really anoying to see rookie idol singer like him just land on lead role immediately after making debut in mainland. Just pick one. if they want to sing, then sing. dont go to acting. and if they truly have passion for acting, cant they start from the bottom?? Plus, why doesn't he do acting in Taiwan which is famous for their idol dramas??! Mainland has a lot more rookie actors from performing art schools that are waiting for their opportunity to land on a role and type of people like lai kuan lin just have it so easy. This is why I can never take idol actor seriously. Luhan and Cai Xukun have proven already with their bad acting for the drama where they were lead role, both really should just stick with singing.

    1. Beware or the stupid idol fans will attack you!

    2. I understand that every one is trying to make a living and that the industry is all about making money and getting the general public's views/love. But I do agree that these idols turn actors so quick makes it really unfair to those that have been working hard for years to land a lead role or even a role in a drama. I guess if you have the potential and acting ability as a newbie then that's good as there have been a few new actors/actresses with little acting experiences that have proved me wrong. Nonetheless, the industry should give those who have been working hard to become an actor a chance because you never know if they might just be the one.

    3. Because the film/tv industry is way bigger than music industry. Plus I follow Wanna One and this guy can't sing, dance or rap lool.