Hua Buqi aka I Will Never Let You Go surprises with a January premiere

Legend of Hua Buqi cdrama Poster Ariel Lin Vin Zhang
With virtually no promotion and a lot of secrecy surrounding filming, I was skeptical about the supposed January premiere even though a cam quality trailer had been leaked to the internet.  

I Will Never Let You Go Hua Buqi cdrama Poster Ariel Lin Vin Zhang
On New Year's Day, the show finally showed signs of life and dropped its very first poster of Ariel Lin and Vin Zhang, hinting at an announcement to be made 10:18am the next day. 

The time has come and lo and behold, we have our first big costume drama of the year! Starting on January 8, 2019, Legend of Hua Buqi 小女花不弃 (official English title I Will Never Let You Go) will air two episodes from Tuesday to Thursday at 9:55pm. It airs on Zhejiang TV, Tencent, iQiYi and Youku. 

I Will Never Let You Go Hua Buqi cdrama Poster Ariel Lin
Originally based on a time travel novel, I won't be surprised if that aspect of the story is completely removed. This is Ariel Lin's return to historical dramas after Lan Ling Wang five years ago and The Legend of the Condor Heroes in 2008. Interestingly, her new drama feels like a mixture of the two. 

I Will Never Let You Go cdrama Vin Zhang Ariel Lin
Ariel Lin recreates the beggar look from her days as Huang Rong and the regal look from her days as Yang Xuewu. She plays a quick-witted young woman from the streets when she meets Vin Zhang's character. Plot-wise, she's a 'sacred maiden' who is the key to a substantial treasure. 

I Will Never Let You Go Hua Buqi cdrama Poster Vin Zhang Binbin
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  1. This is def on my list. Bin Bin looks so good pls let him get bigger

    1. It's said that acting is a business like any other,in that you grow or you die...Bin Bin seems an intelligent and reasonable man who should understand this. What actor doesn't want to have enough fame and popularity that he is regularly offered the very best dramas and the very best roles? Of course he would want this...I am really looking forward to this drama, and hope this time that he not only 'gets' his girl, but gets to keep her! ("The King's Woman!" ☺) Fighting, Vin Zhang!!♥

    2. How to see the whole episode?

  2. I'd like to see him become more famous too but I feel like Bin Bin doesn't want to be much bigger and is happy at his current level. From what I have observed he is private, low-key, shy and doesn't like attention much. He seems to just want to be an actor rather than an idol.

  3. That first poster....the chemistry is there, they look really good together.. I love the way he looks at Ariel on that poster.

  4. OMG. Definitely on my watch list, my two faves! Missed Ariel like crazy.

  5. Soo looking forward to watch Ariel in action again!