Funny blunder when Arthur Chen addresses dad Chen Kaige onstage

Arthur Chen Chen Kaige Director
Although already a rising star, many still know Arthur Chen Feiyu as the son of famous director, Chen Kaige. The two trended last night because of a silly blunder that Arthur Chen made when he took the stage to express a few words addressed to dad for the first time. He says, "Dad, I hope that two years from now or a few years later, others can say that I am your father." Realizing what he actually said, he quickly backtracks, "No, no, no. Not, I am your father but that you are Chen Feiyu's dad." Even though the message was incredibly honest and thoughtful, I've watched this on repeat, and it's funny every time!  

Arthur Chen also answered the question of what the name Chen Kaige meant to him. For him, Chen Kaige is simply a father, a good father. The father-son moment didn't end there as Arthur Chen later shared a picture of the two saying that he's made no mistakes this time, he really is taller than dad by 2 cm. 

Chen Kaige director Arthur Chen Feiyu son
Chen Kaige director Arthur Chen Feiyu son
Chen Kaige director Arthur Chen Feiyu son
Funny enough, Hu Ge was also trending the next day for the same reason and it's due to his genuinely laugh out loud reaction to Arthur Chen's mistake. Watch the 12-second clip here

Hu Ge laugh Arthur Chen Chen Kaige

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  1. I've watched his speech. Hahahahaha Arthur. He was adorable LOL