Ethereal posters for Past Life and Life starring Alan Yu and Yukee Chen

Past Life and Life cdrama Alan Yu Menglong
We're only in January, but it sure feels like c-ent is churning out dramas at a pace like no other. Past Life and Life 两世欢 starring Alan Yu Menglong and Yukee Chen Yuqi is yet another drama that has wrapped recently. It's a crime solving drama that also revolves around an epic romance and a fight for the throne. It sounds like a lot of things at once though I would've believed that this were a fantasy drama because of how dainty it looks especially since both leads were gods and goddesses in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and Ashes of Love respectively. 

Past Life and Life cdrama Yukee Chen Yuqi
Yukee Chen will play two characters as the gentle Feng Mianwan and the plain-spoken Yuan Qingli. Alan Yu also plays a young noble who assumes another's identity in his search for the truth. Also in the cast are Zhang Sifan (Royal Highness), Ma Yue, Wang Gongliang (My Story For You), Ding Ke'er (Tang Dynasty Tour) and Cong Jianchang (My Assassin Girlfriend). 

Past Life and Life cdrama Zhang Sifan

Past Life and Life cdrama

Past Life and Life cdrama Wang Gongliang

Past Life and Life cdrama

Past Life and Life cdrama

Past Life and Life cdrama
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  1. Technically she was a demon, not a God! 😁

    The color palette is pretty enough for me to be interested in the story.

    1. lol yes, she looks like a goddess here though.