Darren Chen headlines first historical drama in The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty

The Story of Ming Dynasty Darren Chen Guan Hong
It looks like the folks from Meteor Garden are truly branching out. Shortly after the news of Dylan Wang joining Ever Night 2, Darren Chen is also putting on the ancient garb for The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty 成化十四年, an iQIYI web drama based on a novel by Meng Xishi 梦溪石

The Story of Ming Dynasty cdrama filming ceremony
Darren Chen has played the handsome second lead in the only two dramas that he's been in and this historical drama about a Sherlock Holmes type character solving crime makes his first starring role. He partners up with Fu Meng-po (Love's Lies), a rising star who's already racked up acting awards for his previous roles. Fu Meng-po plays a member of the imperial secret police that joins hands with the main protagonist. 

The Story of Ming Dynasty cdrama
The cast which also includes Wang Maolei (Story of Yanxi Palace), Liu Juncheng and Liu Yaoyuan attended the booting ceremony in Hengdian World studios. Jackie Chan was invited onboard in the early stages of production to participate in developing the drama on an international scale. It is Jackie Chan's second time to be part of a drama's production team after he worked on the 2009 drama adaptation of Myth starring Hu Ge

The Story of Ming Dynasty cdrama Darren Chen Fu Meng-po

The Story of Ming Dynasty cdrama Fu Meng-po

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  1. Didnt expect to see yuan chun wang! Hope he has a big role!