Cecilia Cheung Dispels Rumors That Stephen Chow Is Her Son's Father

Cecilia Cheung
Singer-actress Cecilia Cheung who gave birth to her third son in November, seems to be fed up with all the rumors and speculations about her newborn's father.  Cecilia had two sons from her previous marriage to Nicholas Tse before giving birth to her third son recently.  Netizens and tabloids went into overdrive as they guessed the father's identity.

Some theorized that the father of Cecilia Cheung's baby was her rumored boyfriend who was a wealthy tycoon in Singapore.  Others have said that the father of the baby was actually her former husband Nicholas Tse.  He has made a statement to deny this. While others say that it's a wealthy Chinese businessman.  The latest man rumored to be the biological father of Cecilia Cheng's baby is none other than Stephen Chow.  Wow.  Looks like no one is safe from the rumor mill.  

Cecilia Cheung father identity

As expected, Cecilia Cheung is getting tired of all the speculation and fake news.  Her studio recently posted a photo of some of the articles with a big "FAKE" on it asking netizens not to spread any more fake news regarding her son.  I can't really blame her for that,.  The rumors are getting outrageous.  

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  1. Knowing Cecilia Cheung, she herself probably doesn't even know who the father is.

    1. "Knowing Cecilia Cheung"...
      you mean it's more like
      "Knowing ALL celebrities" will be more accurate.

      At the time of her scandal, with that many number of actresses that got caught along with her, it proves that all celebrities are just like Cecilia too.
      Just because not ALL celebrities are caught, does not make Cecilia the only person who sleeps around.

  2. Omg hahahahhahhahahahahhah