Carman Lee reunites with 90's leading men Benny Chan and Louis Koo

90's Jin Yong wuxia adaptation
It looks like we've got enough nostalgia to last a while as Carman Lee reunites with not one but two of her co-stars from the 90's. Best known for being the beautiful maiden in Jin Yong drama adaptations, Carman has played both Wang Yuyan in the 1996 Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils and Little Dragon Girl in the 1995 Return of the Condor Heroes

96 Demi Gods Semi Devils TVB Carman Lee Benny Chan
After many years, Carman Lee reunites with her Duan Yu, famously portrayed by actor Benny Chan. The two work together again after 21 years as she stars as Guanyin goddess in his upcoming Youku web movie Monkey King: The Volcano.

2019 Carman Lee Benny Chan

2019 Carman Lee Guanyin Boddhisatva

2019 Carman Lee Benny Chan Wang Yuyan Duan Yu
Carman muses that in a flash, Duan Yu has become the father of four kids, and she got to meet his family and play with the kids. 

2019 Carman Lee meets Benny Chan 4 kids
Days ago, she also attended a gathering for the 1995 Return of the Condor Heroes

Louis Koo Carman Lee 95 ROCH
95 Condor Heroes Reunion 2019
Although it's the second time they are seeing each other in the past year, the occasion quite naturally warranted a photo of Carman Lee and Louis Koo to commemorate their days as Xiaolongnu and Yang Guo. They also took a photo with the man of the hour Lee Tim-sing who produced the drama and had a hand in bringing the iconic pairing together. 

95 Condor Heroes 2019 Reunion

95 Condor Heroes 2019 Reunion Carman Lee Louis Koo

95 Condor Heroes 2019 Reunion Carman Lee Louis Koo
Time really flew as the actors and actress are in their mid to late forties. Even so, many of us will always think of them with a special fondness for their past works.

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