Can Darren Wang and Jelly Lin Pull Off School Genius and Ditz in It Started With A Kiss?

It Started With A Kiss 2019 movie remake
Everyone might remember the popular drama series It Started With A Kiss which was adapted from the Japanese manga Itazura Na Kiss. How can we forget Ariel Lin's portrayal of the cute and ditzy Xiangqin and Joe Cheng's Jiang Zhishu? It was a big hit back in 2006 and earned several adaptations including Thai and Korean ones.  And now in 2019, we're having an It Started With A Kiss movie!!   

It Started With A Kiss 2019 movie remake
Jelly Lin and Darren Wang take on the roles of Yuan Xiangqin and Jiang Zhishu in this heartwarming rendition of a timeless classic directed by Frankie Chen.  The movie is slated to be released on Feb, 14, Valentine's Day.  

It Started With A Kiss 2019 movie remake Jelly Lin Yun
For a while now, netizens seem divided on whether Darren Wang is a good choice to play Jiang Zhishu and it has been the point of controversy since the selection process.  People might remember Darren Wang from the movie "Our Times" where he played Hsu Taiyu, a campus gang boss.  As opposed to Darren's bad boy Hsu Taiyu character, Jiang Zhishu is quiet and indifferent.  

And this is most likely why people are having a hard time picturing Darren Wang as Jiang Zhishu since Darren's portrayal of a shady and strong delinquent has stuck. Some commented, "Thanks for ruining my childhood."  "Darren Wang doesn't look convincing as someone from Class A." and "Not everyone can become Yuan Xiangqin and Jiang Zhishu."  

After seeing the preview, there are those who changed their minds, saying things like "Jelly Lin is pretty." to "How can Darren be so handsome?" and "The feeling of being dynamic... I think it's pretty good."  

It Started With A Kiss 2019 movie remake Darren Wang Talu
My opinion, though, is that Jelly Lin as Yuan Xiangqin is a good choice. She has that ditzy, impulsive vibe to her that makes playing Xiangqin convincing.  Darren Wang's character Jiang Zhishu is serious to a fault. And that makes him adorable.  From the trailer, Darren seems to be able to carry that with ease, showing a different side of himself to the audience.  

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  1. I had doubts about Darren too since he pulls off the delinquent look and the original It started with a kiss left a big impression. That pic makes it look good though, maybe styling will help and I hope his acting will deliver too

  2. They're doing so many remakes. OMG. I'm so over it.

  3. I simply refuse to watch dramas celebrating female leads who are ditzy airheads that somehow, magically through her goodness of heart "win" the protection of o, your strong/rich/smart male trophy eyecandy - not good for young women out there developing themselves, and not good for young men who think of women as such. Plzzz!

  4. I love their characters especially their acting and I'm now a fan of Darren Wang. I do not even know that there is Darren Wang but after watching two of his movies Our Times and It started with a kiss I began to search for his name. Actually, I was a bit disappointed when he did not appear in the finale because the character he was playing was played by by Jerry Yan instead. I'm a fan of Jerry but I wonder what the director was thinking in the movie Our Times when he had that decision. Just my opinion. No offense.