C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings (week starting Dec 31)

Song Yunhui Wang Kai Like A Flowing River
CSM52 / CSM55 Cities + Online

Like A Flowing River reached a new high of 1.419% on its final week. Being the highest-rated Douban drama of 2018, the show had solid viewership throughout its run. Wang Kai was consistently among the top celebs and although his co-stars moved in and out of the top 10, the entire cast and crew has received overwhelming praise. Last I heard, they were working on the script for season 2 so it's definitely not goodbye.  

After a lackluster first week that saw The Story of Minglan outside of the top 10, the show surged in online rankings to place in first this week. Ratings on tv inched higher to reach 1.003%. Behind the Scenes starring Zhou Dongyu and Luo Jin premiered last Saturday though it seems that initial numbers are far from impressive. 

Mystery of Antiques which is a web drama that premiered after Christmas breaks into the list in 4th. Tang Yan's The Lady in Cubicle jumps to 3rd.  It's a 2014 drama that is getting a nationwide broadcast on primetime TV. Meanwhile, Feng Shaofeng joins Zhu Yilong and Zhao Liying in the weekly list. Given all the physical, mental and emotional trauma his character has had to endure, I'm not at all surprised the actor made the cut. 

CSM Nationwide

The Story of Minglan ranks in first based on CSM nationwide. It's been a while but once again, a Hunan TV drama is back in the lead. 

TV Ratings 

CSM52 / CSM55 Cities 

CSM52 Cities Dec 31

CSM Nationwide

CSM Nationwide Dec 31
*The above are mostly primetime shows that air at 19:30 while those highlighted in blue air at 22:00. **Rankings are overall rankings across the shows airing on the same night, regardless of air time. *** Reruns are not included. **** Dramas that air on CCTV (the state television broadcaster in China) are not included. ***** CSM52Cities and CSMNationwide are common tv metrics. ****** Beginning Jan 2, 2019, 3 cities of Dandong, Bengbu and Luzhou were added to CSM 52. 

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Top Dramas (7-Day)  
5. Ever Night 

Top Celebrities (7-Day) 

*View count is based on the six streaming sites (Youku, iQiyi, Tencent, LeTV, Sohu, Mango) ** Star popularity is based on view count, weibo, douban, tieba, search results, etc *** iQiYi no longer provides view count. 

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  1. I was so surprised to see Tang Yan had a new drama until I read your commentary. Seems like it is doing Ok for a shelved drama with no publicity.

    For some reason I thought Like A Flowing River was 70 episodes. 47 episodes is pretty good compared to most dramas these days.

  2. Minglan so far has exceeded my expectations, a well made drama, beautiful to watch, so glad daylight was the one to make it

  3. Am I the only person who thinks ZLY waddles too much like a little duckling, lacking the elegant walk of a ancient lady? Or is that something in the book?

  4. I'm so happy for story of minglan's ratings. The drama is addictive and a must watch and everything from the cast to the costumes are just excellent

  5. I'm not used to China TV Rating. Can anyone explain, what the different between CSM52 Cities and CSM Nationwide?

    Why the rating so different? In example, Like A Flowing River top the CSM52 Rating; about 1.3-1.4, but got so low in CSM Nationwide; about 0.4-0.6

  6. I'm surprised Minglan hasn't done better.