View count for some dramas this week

The Family Dong Jie Li-Chun Lee
Quite a few dramas have ended or are ending this weekend. The Family has surpassed 500 million views according to Vlinkage. The total will be higher as the show also streams on iQiYi where views are not accounted for. 

Although the show is on the lower end in online rankings, it has been a consistent ratings leader on TV as it leads up to its series finale this weekend. I don't know anyone watching this though family-oriented dramas seem like the type of show that can resonate with domestic audiences in China. 

Our Glamorous Time 27 days 4 billion
Our Glamorous Time is also ending this weekend. It has crossed 4 billion a couple days ago and currently has 4.29 billion on Tencent, 27 days after premiere. The total will be higher as the show also streams on iQiYi where views are not accounted for. 

1.84 billion views Ever Night
Ever Night is currently at 2.89 billion views on Tencent, 38 days after premiere

Hi, I'm Saori 1.5 billion views
Hi, I'm Saori is currently at 1.56 billion views on Youku, 27 days after premiere. 

The Eternal Love 2
The Eternal Love Season 2 is currently at 3.36 billion views on Tencent. It aired its finale for Tencent VIP members early this week. 

The King of Blaze Chen Bolin
The King of Blaze has surpassed 400 million views according to combined views from streaming sites tallied on Vlinkage. The total will be higher as the show also streams on iQiYi where views are not accounted for. 

An Oriental Odyssey
An Oriental Odyssey is currently at 2.49 billion views on Tencent. It has also aired its finale for Tencent VIP members this week. 
When We Were Young Poster Neo Hou Minghao
When We Were Young is currently at 530 million views 17 days after premiere.

The Demon Master Jia Zhengyu Yu Xintian Poster
The Demon Master is currently at 520 million views 15 days after premiere.

Never Gone So You Are Still Here finale 800 million views
Never Gone: So You Are Still Here dropped a poster early this week to celebrate crossing 800 million views. It has also completed airing on Youku. 

*View count are either sourced directly from 1) streaming site 2) official weibo 3) xunyee in order of availability. 


  1. Thanks for the numbers!

  2. Dong Jie is so beautiful. She is one of those super duper rare, totally naturally beauty actress. She even have a dancing background and performed so impressive in Butterfly Lovers. It is so sad that she is very very under rated. It must be because she doesn't give a single shit media play at all, that's what happen when you truly don't media play. Like Alec Su, he was so darn famous but he was able to slowly fade away because he doesn't do any media play. For anybody who wants to get famous, as long as you can appear in the news, you will stay famous. If there is no news article about you, publish 100 articles per day that you are inspiring and hard working then you'll keep your fame because you try very hard to remind people everyday that you are the best. If people yells at you, make sure all your articles say you don't media play, people buys what ever is written in paper and reference them as "facts"