The makers of Story of Yanxi Palace return with Winter Begonia

Huang Xiaoming Booting Ceremony Winter Begonia
There's quite the interest in Yu Zheng's next drama after Story of Yanxi Palace, and understandably so. Now that filming has begun for Winter Begonia 鬓边不是海棠红, it seems like the drama is going for something completely different with a male-centric story about the Peking opera. 

The leading man is not anyone under Yu Zheng Studio but A-list star Huang Xiaoming (The Years You Were Late). Andrew Yin Zheng (Original Sin) is the other male lead in a story that was originally based on a BL novel. Also in the cast are Merxat Mi Re (Legend of Yun Xi), Liu Min (Magic City), Fang Anna (Story of Yanxi Palace) and Tang Jingmei (Lost Love in Times). 

Yu Zheng Huang Xiaoming Winter Begonia

Yin Zheng Winter Begonia

Huang Xiaoming plays a rich and patriotic businessman while Yin Zheng plays a Peking opera artist. I'm no opera fan, but Yin Zheng who's quite a versatile yet underrated actor really sounds perfect for his part. 

Yu Zheng shared that his vision was to promulgate Peking opera and to show people every aspect of it. He chose to adapt the novel into a drama because he liked the author's take on traditional Peking opera. He also shared that they spent an entire year to transform the story into what they wanted. 

Winter Begonia is produced Huanyu Films and directed by Hui Kaidong. Yu Zheng is the executive producer and creative director. 

Yu Zheng Booting Ceremony Winter Begonia

Yu Zheng Winter Begonia

Yu Zheng Winter Begonia

Booting Ceremony Winter Begonia

Booting Ceremony Winter Begonia
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  1. I am looking forward to this!!!!

  2. No thank you to Xiao Ming, the man cant act to save his life.