Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi confirm that they have a baby on the way

Nicky Wu Cecilia Liu confirm pregnancy
There were reports earlier today of Nicky Wu's mother confirming the news that after three years of marriage, Cecilia Liu Shishi is five months pregnant. She further shared that everyone in their family is overjoyed and that the couple had felt pressure over rumors that Liu Shishi couldn't get pregnant. Mother Wu further reveals that Liu Shishi is expected to give birth in Taiwan in May of next year. 

Nicky Wu Liu Shishi confirm pregnancy
Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi have kept a low profile throughout the pregnancy, but shortly after the reports came out, Nicky Wu confirmed the long-running rumors of a baby on the way. He writes, "We are very excited and happily waiting for the arrival of a new family member, thank you for everyone's concern." Liu Shishi also shared her husband's announcement on weibo with the caption, "Looking forward."

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