Maggie Jiang and Cast Join Wang Kai for Held in the Lonely Castle

Held in the Lonely Castle Wang Kai Maggie Jiang Shuying
Based on a novel with the same name by Milan Lady, Held In The Lonely Castle 孤城闭 is a new Daylight Entertainment production about the fourth emperor of the Song dynasty. He is the longest reigning Song dynasty emperor. Since the announcement that Wang Kai will be leading the drama as Emperor Zhao Zhen, it was only a matter of time before they announced his leading lady. Without further ado, I present to you the rest of the cast

Held in the Lonely Castle Cast Maggie Jiang Shuying
I feel Maggie Jiang Shuying as Empress Cao is a perfect fit since her acting is top notch as seen in her previous dramas like To Be A Better Man and A Servant Of Two Masters.

Held in the Lonely Castle Cast Yang Le
Yang Le will give life to the character of Han Qi. No newcomer to the drama genre, He's mostly known for his role in Growing Up Together.

Held in the Lonely Castle Cast Ren Min
A relatively new Ren Min will play Princess Huirou. But after her work in Cry Me A Sad River, I'm convinced she can deliver the same acting intensity here.

Held in the Lonely Castle Cast Ye Zuxin
Ye Zuxin was cast as the eunuch Zhang Maoze. Considering his vast experience in dramas, I'm pretty sure playing a eunuch will be no hurdle for him.

Held in the Lonely Castle Cast Bian Cheng
Bian Cheng of Eagles And Youngster fame will play the eunuch Liang Huaiji.

Held in the Lonely Castle Cast Wang Churan
Wang Churan will play Consort Zhang. She has been cast as a supporting character... again. This is her second drama, the first being in Oh My General.

Held in the Lonely Castle Cast Yu Entai
The versatile actor Yu Entai was cast as the poet/calligrapher Yan Shu.

Held in the Lonely Castle Cast Sun Jian
No stranger to TV dramas and mostly remembered for his role in Love of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Sun Jian will play Fu Bi.

Held in the Lonely Castle Cast Liu Jun
Liu Jun who has several dramas under his belt, including Nirvana In Fire 2, will play Fan Zhongyan.

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  1. Thanks for the info. Daylight producing this means it will almost certainly be great quality. I have to admit I'd rather see more modern day dramas from Daylight.

    I'll wait to learn more about the plot first before I know whether I want to watch or not.

  2. I don't think I've seen Maggie in ancient drama. I like her but not drawn to her yet. I hope this is the wow performance.