Lisa Lu Photos from A Dream Like A Dream Stage Play With Hu Ge

Lisa Du Hu Ge A Dream Like A Dream

Lisa Lu recently shared pictures of herself from the last few years performing onstage in A Dream Like A Dream with Hu Ge and their castmates The star-studded play has been known to draw a crowd of top stars like Shu Qi and Vicki ZhaoChinese-born American actress and singer Lisa Lu who played grandma Shang Suyi in Crazy Rich Asians also plays a grandma as the aged version of the female lead Gu Xianglan. She is 91 years old and still looks radiant and healthy.  

Lisa Lu A Dream Like a Dream

Lisa Du Hu Ge A Dream Like A Dream

Reaching 91 years is a feat by itself, but still acting at that age is a whole different ballgame.  We hope you are blessed with health and happiness, grandma Lu. 

A Dream Like A Dream Stage Play Photos 2018

A Dream Like A Dream Chinese play Hu Ge Lisa Lu Zhai Tianlin
A Dream Like A Dream rung down the curtain on its Beijing stop this year. Zhai Tianlin who is also part of the cast sang praises to everyone - Director Stan Lai for a witty script, leading lady Xu Qing for being a goddess in and out, Hu Ge for being really handsome and a really good person. Zhai Tianlin also wished good health to grandma Lu, gave a shout out Tan Zhuo for the treat and Sun Jian for being his comrade-in-arms. 

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  1. Love and miss Hu Ge. Lisa Lu looks amazing!!

  2. Damn she’s 91 and still acts and tour around for premiere? She looks a lot younger too. And she just exudes elegance, that grandma role in Crazy rich asian is perfect