First Posters of Miss Truth Led By Zhou Jieqiong

Miss Truth Pinky Zhou Jieqiong
The first posters of the upcoming web drama Miss Truth have finally been revealed and they are attention-grabbing even without giving the costumes away. It's unique to see Pinky Zhou Jieqiong superimposed in the foreground while the shadow of the fox blends in with the reddish motif. It makes you wonder what kind of person her character, which is a forensic examiner struck in ancient times, is supposed to be like.  

Miss Truth Toby Lee Poster
Toby Lee plays Zhou Jieqiong's leading man and his poster looks equally thought out.  The fish fins provide an interesting background since it splashes across the canvass like a thin veil although I think the background could've had a bit more color than just white. A touch of pastel pink or yellow or even gray to make Toby stand out more, perhaps? 

Misss Truth Pei Zitian poster
Pei Zitian's masculine features match the wolf perfectly.  The bluish hue is the perfect color for this as it matches Pei's wardrobe. Again, my only gripe about this is the white background. With his muscular build and strong features, he's really owning this persona having played Tie Lang (Iron Wolf) in The Taoism Grandmaster

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  1. Very nice posters. I will check this one out.

  2. I'm probably being very stupid but what do the superimposed animals mean?