First character posters of The New Version of the Candor Heroes

Yang Guo Xiaolongnu The New Version of the Condor Heroes
The newest remake of The Return of the Condor Heroes 新神雕侠侣 has dropped posters of the cast led by Tong Mengshi (The Taoism Grandmaster), Mao Xiaohui (The Twin Flower Legend) and Wen Qi (Eagles and Youngster). I was onboard with the idea of a rookie cast staving off pressure from this being the 9th (or is it 10th?) version of the same story. 

I'm also an early fan of relatively new actor Tong Mengshi and still can't believe that the casting directors actually went with my pick for Yang Guo. At 15, Wen Qi is already a Golden Horse awarded actress thereby making her casting as Guo Xiang a promising one. This leaves lead actress Mao Xiaohui who plays one of the most contested characters as Xiaolongnü and with nothing to go off other than visuals, she seemed to fit the bill too. 

Left: Official Poster, Right: Poster Edit by Netizens
I thought I'd be squealing with excitement over the first posters, but no, what happened! Whoever photoshopped this did Xiaolongnü very wrong. They say that first impressions last, and now I'm slightly worried that just like the posters, the final product will be inundated with excessive effects that do more harm than good. Update: Mao Xiaohui is currently trending no. 1 on weibo. No one is blaming the actress, but everyone is blaming whoever messed up her nose and fixing it for her. 

I also just realized that the English title is Candor Heroes, a word I learned from reading the Divergent books. Candor Heroes = Honest Heroes? 

New Version of Condor Heroes Thomas Tong Mengshi
Thomas Tong Mengshi as Yang Guo

New Version of Condor Heroes Mao Xiaohui
Mao Xiaohui as Xiaolongnü

New Version of Condor Heroes Vicky Wen Qi
Vicky Wen Qi as Guo Xiang

New Version of Condor Heroes Nikita Mao Linlin
Nikita Mao Linlin as Li Mochou 

New Version of Condor Heroes Zong Fengyan
Zong Fengyan as Jinlun Fawang

New Version of Condor Heroes Tu Bing
Tu Bing as Guo Fu

New Version of Condor Heroes Shao Bing
Shao Bing as Guo Jing

New Version of Condor Heroes Gong Beibi
Gong Beibi as Huang Rong

New Version of Condor Heroes Tony Chun Chung
Tong Chun Chung as Yi Deng Da Shi

New Version of Condor Heroes Alex Fong
Alex Fong as Huang Yao Shi

New Version of Condor Heroes Su Qing
Su Qing as Lin Chaoying

New Version of Condor Heroes Wang Qing
Wang Qing as Yelu Qi

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  1. The poster of little dragon girl looks awful. Candor??? Really? The Chinese title was literally the Condor bird!!! The Condor bird has such a big part in the drama....I bet Jin Yong is turning in his grave of these new productions changing the title of his works.

    1. Maybe he was angered to death

  2. Oh my, these are really terrible. Maybe they were going for a gritty look or something, but everything just looks low-res and dirty. Like they need to upgrade their cameras and also clean the lens.

  3. Goodness, I think those pics a few months back the new XLN looked alright, the angle she took those pics were good. Now seeing her from the front...she isn't actually that ideal anymore, even with or without all the weird photoshop.

    The girl playing GX is just as weird, her eyes do not look natural. Reminds me of how weird I thought DLRB face was when I first saw her.

  4. Wait..I dont understand what's wrong with XLN's pic *LOL* . Her nose?:p

    I think the dark-gritty style looked okay though. I like Guo Xiang's pic the most

  5. Her nose does bother me though. When I looked at her pic, my eyes went straight to her nose.

  6. Sigh...they tried so hard to call out for a natural girl in the end they have to put so many filtering on her and almost everyone.

    Chen Zi Han did well as an annoying mean Guo Fu in '06 but I still find her much prettier and so natural. She and Florence Tan played supporting roles through out their career probably because they are not the prettiest to a certain degree. But today, all the pretty and natural actresses seems to have died leaving me to regret them.

  7. Main actresses today does not even equal up to supporting actresses of the past