Dong Xuan Opens Up About Gao Yunxiang's Arrest For The First Time

Dong Xuan Breaks Silence After Gavin Gao Arrest
Nine months have passed since Dong Xuan's husband Gao Yunxiang got arrested in Sydney, Australia for sexual harassment.  It can be recalled that he was accused of sexually assaulting a female film production worker back in March 2018.  He remains in Australian custody pending his ninth hearing which is scheduled on January 25.  Meanwhile, his wife Dong Xuan has returned to China to rebuild her life.  

Admittedly, things have been difficult for Dong Xuan and just recently, she opened up about the ordeal after several months of silence.  

Dong Xuan Breaks Silence After Gavin Gao Arrest
Dong Xuan was quoted as saying, "Before this year happened, I thought I was living a pretty good life." She continues, "I read recently that netizens are calling me the 'leader of the forgiveness sect' but I don't care.  I just know that I'm still the same stubborn girl.  I can't be distracted.  I can't be discouraged.  I have to use all of my power to solve all these problems.  After all, there are parents to take care of, children to raise and work to commit to.  As for me, I'm the only one in my family with shoulders that can work.  Whatever happens in the future will be dealt with in the future.  After all, with my personality, no matter what i have to face in the future,I know I can get through it."  

Dong Xuan Breaks Silence After Gavin Gao Arrest
Dong Xuan admitted she was someone who didn't cry easily. But she broke down after experiencing all the support and kindness from people and her fans. "I never cried. It was to the point where I was suspecting that my tear ducts have stopped working, but after receiving so much kindness, I realized that they're still there.  As long as there is beauty and kindness in the world, those tears are worth crying."   

Dong Xuan is a very strong woman.  And despite her husband being in jail, she chooses to remain focused and move forward. We pray that she has the strength and courage to get through all the difficulties she is facing now.  

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  1. i'm glad she's staying strong. it sucks when people gossip bout her for what her husband did but it's good to see she's moving forward and receiving support. recently i heard that Jia Nailiang divorced Li Xiaolu but she got the kid and he only got visitation. sometimes good things dont come to good people smh