Deng Chao's legendary selfie and more from recent events in C-ent

Tang Yan Deng Chao Yang Mi Luhan Yang Yang Huabiao Awards 2018
Sorry for being MIA, between people getting sick and getting busy (one of us has finals!).. let's just say it's been hectic. 

December is a busy time for c-ent too as it squeezes in the last remaining events and awards shows for the year. That usually means non-stop parties and plenty of eye candy to go around. Interestingly, my favorite picture is not from the red carpet but one taken by Deng Chao backstage at the 17th Huabiao Awards last Saturday. 

This moment is the money shot right there for the sheer star power packed into one picture. It reminds me of Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar selfie and who better to make it happen than Deng Chao. From left to right: Jiang ShuyingYang Yang, Guo Jingming, Luhan, Tang Yan, Yang Mi, Zhou Dongyu, Chen He and Deng Chao

Luhan Kris Wu 17th Huabiao Awards
After Luhan and Kris Wu's epic reunion during iQiYi Scream Night, the two were spotted together again backstage. 

Huang Xiaoming Tong Dawei Deng Chao Huabiao Awards 2018
Deng Chao shared a few more pictures from the event. He reunited with Huang Xiaoming and Tong Dawei. The three starred in the 2013 Chinese film American Dreams in China

Jiang Wen Zhou Xun Chen Kun Xu Zheng Deng Chao Huabiao Awards
A photo with the big wigs of Chinese film industry: Jiang Wen, Zhou Xun, Deng Chao, Chen Kun and Xu Zheng (bottom right). 

Yang Mi Esquire MAHB Awards 2018
With all the fully-suited men and ladies in beautiful growns strutting down the red carpet, a topic that started trending on weibo the other day was whether women really don't get cold. Yang Mi wore a playful patterned gown to the 15th MAHB Awards. Fans worried that she'd be freezing. 

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  1. Yang Yang looks so handsome in those pics even with his new haircut. He just has such a great face and bone structure.

    Kris Wu's hair is hideous. He looks like he got in a fight with a lawnmower. I think it's nice they are interacting. They went through a lot together when they were in EXO. I read Luhan still has a good relationship with Huang Zitao but Kris and HZ are not on speaking to him which is sad.

    Yang Mi's dress is unusual but she makes it work. I like her jewellery too.

  2. I notice Yang Mi and Tang Yang are on opposite ends of the selfie. They used to be such great friends. I'm sad to see that they're not longer on good terms. :/