Cecilia Cheung confirms arrival of baby boy one month ago

Cecilia Cheung 3rd baby
So it's true after all, and there's nothing more to say than to send the warmest regards to Cecilia Cheung and her family. 

It was just a month ago when HK media reported the breaking news that she had allegedly given birth at the hospital on Nov 25, 2018. The tabloids had a field day afterwards speculating about the father as Cecilia is a single mother of two boys from her previous marriage to Nicholas Tse. Then there were pictures of her in public a few days later that led to speculations that maybe she wasn't pregnant. I ended up glossing over the did she or did she not because it seemed better to wait.

Cecilia Cheung 3rd baby
On December 17, Cecilia Cheung Studio wrote, "Dear fans, friends in the media and partners, the studio is very happy to represent Bozhi (Cecilia) in sharing a joyous news: Miss Cecilia Cheung has given birth to her third son in November, mother and son are safe. Her children and family have always been the most important people that she has protected. In the coming days, Cecilia will do her best to make a better life for her three kids and to bring better projects. 'Little prince' is one month old, thank you for everyone's concern and greetings."

It's nice that she technically still got to make her baby announcement according to her own timing. Within the day, Cecilia Cheung gave birth to 3rd baby was trending, her opening up a weibo account just to share the news was trending too. 

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  1. Hope she finds happiness and glad that she finally moved on from Nicholas. She has said that she still wanted kids. So brave of her to have a new relationship and have a new bundle of Joy.