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We've made it to the last day of the year, and it seems that tv rankings have found a status quo with Like A Flowing River keeping the lead as the top drama for December. The Story of Minglan starring newly weds Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng has officially premiered on primetime. 

However, first week ratings fell flat even as the story transitioned from the young cast to its adult counterparts. CSM52 ratings ranged between 0.550% and 0.751%, which is even below The King of Blaze on the later evening slot. The show also hasn't made the top 10 dramas online. As someone who's watching this religiously, I really feel that the show matches the level of quality expected from Daylight Entertainment, so I'm crossing my fingers that numbers improve. 

Ever Night which officially ended its run for Tencent members takes the crown as the leading web drama followed by About Is Love

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8. Yang Zi

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  1. I hope ratings improve for the story of minglan. The drama is awesome and everything from the cast to the directing is on point.

  2. Agreeing on how great minglan is, may I ask how many episode airs every week? One of the downside of watching still on air dramas, I really cant wait for new episodes.

    Idk if it's because I like zly and fsf as a couple, but I get giddy everytime they are in a scene together

  3. I think it might be due to how ZLY dealing with the married and pregnancy rumours. May be some of her fans begin to leave her. And altough the cinematography are superb, ZLY acting is still very natural too but the storyline itself is pretty slow. And FSF isnt that well like by the general public either. He doesnt have that dreamy face like denglun, His vibe is that of cheesy uncle who seems to play with girls a lot? Not serius and solemn uncle like wang kai,hu ge or wallace. So he is actually perfect for the part but it s hard to forgive a player when they dont have their face as a shield right ? That s why people said that pretty people can get a way with almost everything.

    1. I don't think it has to due with FSF and ZLY's relationship since her fans seem pretty accepting of the fact and they are working hard promoting the show. The drama does have a lot of buzz online. The live ratings are high and going up every day but the CSM52 ratings always end up lower than the average live ratings. I don't understand how the rating system works. Other dramas airing right now have low live ratings but when CSM52 come out they have a much higher rating.

      I do think FSF doesnt inspire too many lovely vibes from viewers but since this is more of a serious drama that is okay. It could also just not be the type of genre that her fans usually enjoy.

  4. Agree with everything except the Denglun part. Denglun's face for whatever reason always reminds me of a reptile. Or someone with too much Kpop plastic surgery. FSF always has his sleazy look, and it's not just in his physical features, it's in his expressions. The Story of Minglan is moving at a snail's pace; after watching the first few episodes, I'm not surprised that it's rankings are so low.

    1. The story of minglan is extremely boring, only ZLY fans enjoy it but nobody else does. It wouldn't be surprising if it gets first place in rating, that's what usually happens with all the boring dramas with her in it. What surprises me is Zhu Yilong and FSF are not second place, every time she would rank first then her co stars would be right under her. Maybe she doesn't want to hype her ship with ZYL strong this time because of FSF, for example her shippings with LGX was so terrible and people hyped it so big for no reason, not anymore.

    2. And FSF cannot be on the list because he's usually not in there, if he's suddenly in it because of ZLY he would be called out for getting famous only because of his wife.

  5. Happy for Wang Kai, Chen Feiyu and the Ever Night team. Happy to see that the divorce isn’t hurting Yang Mi.

  6. Thank you so much for all your hard work onothe site this year, Anne J and all the site contributors! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you so much for your support:) Wishing you a fantastic year ahead!

  7. Even more boring than OGT. There is no good synchronization between the image and dubbing, a low rhythm and the heroine is like a doll, rarely speaking or changing her facial expression

    1. Exactly!
      So UNsurprising the rating of this drama is going to become the highest thing ever this year when it's so bad. Just because it's a ZLY thing. It is just so unfair all the time.

      Just because I will Never let you go is airing at the same time as Ming Lan, ZLY fans tried to rate that drama so low on Mydramalist. IWNLYG is a really fast pace drama that started out with a 8.8 rating, and Ming Lan at 8.4.
      After only a few days, the two numbers flipped with IWNLYG at 8.4 and Minglan at 8.8.
      That .4 is definitely the suspicious part. ZLY fans are just despiccable.

      Take for example, Ruyi's Royal Love, the camera color quality and expensive clothes did not lose to Ming Lan anywhere at all. Both the storylines are slow, boring and bad/good at the very same level.
      Fans of Ruyi was being really fair and realistic with their ratings, why can't Ming Lan do the same work ethic? ZLY fans dare to say she is way better than Zhou Xun?