Zhou Yiwei's cameo in Our Glamorous Time as Zhao Liying's brother gets flak

Our Glamorous Time siblings Zhou Yiwei Zhao Liying
Zhou Yiwei and Zhao Liying's interactions in Our Glamorous Time 你和我的倾城时光 are very cute. The Tribes and Empires actor guest stars as Zhao Liying's brother Lin Mochen, a big shot CEO who seems tough on the outside but clearly adores his little sister. 

Zhou Yiwei Zhao Liying's brother in Our Glamorous Time
Hawick Lau Jin Han's brother Our Glamorous Time
The second notable guest star is Legend of Jade Sword actor Hawick Lau who plays Li Zhiqian, Jin Han's older brother in the drama. Both men playing the older brothers are established actors in their own right. Unfortunately, Zhou Yiwei has gotten flak from book fans for not looking like Lin Mochen as described in the books. 

In response to the criticism, Zhou Yiwei wrote a cheeky apology on weibo, "Sorry, sorry, this brother looks a little old and caused trouble for the sister. My mission to visit little sister is done, heading to the US to lie low, wont bother everyone." Zhao Liying had his back as she comments, "Ge (older brother), I'll wait for you at the same spot."

Zhou Yiwei apologizes to book fans Our Glamorous Time

Zhou Yiwei Our Glamorous Time

Zhou Yiwei guest star Our Glamorous Time
Since the brother only visits his sister once a year, it seems like that it's the last we'll see of Zhou Yiwei as his character heads back to the US. I don't know how the book character is supposed to be like, but to me, they're so convincing as siblings. Same round eyes and only five years apart in real life. Best of all, great chemistry. 

Apparently, Zhao Liying and Zhou Yiwei go way back. They were in The Firmament of The Pleiades when Zhao Liying played a minor character as Zhou Yiwei's maid. 

Zhao Liying Zhou Yiwei brother sister Our Glamorous Time

Throwback Zhao Liying Zhou Yiwei
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  1. So nice of them to guest stars since both collaborated with LY before.

  2. Some parts were awk but he didnt show up much so i dont really care. Hawick Lau is everywhere tho? It’s like he specializes in short term roles lol i like how the drama takes time to lay out everything instead of jumping into romance. I watch it everyday

  3. The thing is that his character in the book has a big impact and he is a fan favorite. So when you compare him to the drama, the drama does feel a bit lacking. However, I really enjoyed their interactions as brother and sister. They are slightly different but the heart of the matter is that she is a very spoiled little sister and that her brother wants the best for her. I liked that Zhou Yiwei was the one doing the cameo. I also think the problem that some fans had was that his styling for OGT and Entrepreneurial Age was the same and that it felt that he was playing his role from that drama at times. Just nitpicking.

  4. He got criticized for not looking the part and his acting skills or lack of is under fire for not portraying the part well

  5. I haven't read the novel yet, so maybe that's why I'm not bothered. He's adorable as her older brother. Was hoping he would have more scenes.

  6. why??? after i watched ogt i am starting to be curious about zhou yi wei and i think he is a pretty decent actor... and if the producer team could set him to be like lin mo chen in the book, it would be great... haha...