Zhou Xun Shares Her Worries About Aging

Zhou Xun
In a recent conversation between Zhou Xun and producer-director Peter Chan that was released for Harper's Bazaar China, age became their topic of discussion. Zhou Xun has been in the industry for almost thirty years since starting out in 1991. At the age of 44, she is a beautiful, mature and well-respected actress.

She recently starred in Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace but despite the drama's success, she received negative comments from viewers who pointed out her eye bags and wrinkles.  

Zhou Xun Ruyi
Zhou Xun shares that her insecurities started a few years ago when filming Our Time will Come. People commented about her appearance and said that she was getting old. Their criticisms started getting to her emotionally. She was unhappy all the time and worried about wrinkles and gaining weight. She would cry as she woke up in the morning, fearing that she wouldn't be able to give her best appearance in films or in photoshoots. 

Her anxiety carried on for about two years even until the time that she was filming Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace. She admitted that in the future, she may no longer say yes to playing younger roles but for Ruyi, she still had the confidence to attempt the younger version of the character as she felt that she could get into the mindset of a young woman in that stage of her life. 

Zhou Xun talks about motherhood too, saying that she really wanted to have a child in her late 20's but was never able to have one because there was never a right time. As she got older, she began to hesitate since she was afraid that her child wouldn't be a contribution to this world. She added however, that she will love and raise the child if ever she is blessed to have one, but for now, she enjoys being free from the responsibilities.

It may have been a slow process for her but she has gradually accept aging as part of her life. Everyone gets old and for her, having a healthy mental state is important. She is at the stage of her career where she is looking for a breakthrough and she is glad to have gotten the role of Zhihua, her latest movie Last Letter produced by Peter Chan.

Watch the full interview on Youku.


  1. WTF SHE'S 44????????????????????????

  2. I am Asian and just turned 41. Although many people tell me I still look in my early 30’s, I still feel pressure every day to look a certain way. I feel that our society misplace its value by focusing too much on outer appearance. I am really fed up with the ageism! People age - it is a natural part of life but today’s unreal expectations is really too much. Especially the negative comments for women in the 30+, heavens forbid we show our real self and be less than perfect. Be strong ladies and take care of yourself. I wish any netizen making hateful remarking Re aging gets it as karma for when they age.

  3. Can maybe adopt a child. Lots of abandoned children in china ending up in orphanages.

  4. Well... this is ridiculous she is still so beautiful and, those haters should shut up.