Zheng Shuang Stars with Body Double Chen Yan in Hi, I'm Saori

Zheng Shuang Body Double
Hi, I'm Saori 我的保姆手册 recently premiered with a whopping 200 million views within the first hour of airing. I've watched the first two episodes and it looks promising with a fresh plot about robots from the future. Something else is quite intriguing though - the presence of Zheng Shuang's doppelganger!

Zheng Shuang Body Double Yan Yan

From afar, it looks as if we have two Saoris working for Su Dahao (God Ithhipat Thanit) - one with long hair and one with short hair. But if we take a closer look...

Zheng Shuang Body Double Chen Yan
They are two different people! Well at least for me, they don't look that much alike especially up close. There is a slight resemblance though, especially in their voices. The one on the left is Zheng Shuang's body double, Chen Yan

Zheng Shuang Body Double
Chen Yan has been Zheng Shuang's double for some time now though we often only see her side profiles or just her back. This time, however, Chen Yan plays Zheng Shuang's sister, Yanyan. 

Them being sisters is not just for show. There are many photos of them hanging out together and even more recently photos of Zheng Shuang bringing along Chen Yan on her dates.


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