Zhang Dada's birthday attended by Yang Mi, Johnny Huang and more

It's Zhang Dada's birthday again. I realize that I hardly know anything about the 28 year old host, but I keep seeing him in pictures with Yang Mi, Angelababy and he also attended Zhang Bichen's concert with Zhao LiyingFor a guy who's known for having popular friends, his birthday bash drew a dynamic crowd of celebs that include Yang Mi, Johnny Huang, Hu Jun, Nine Percent and Yang Chaoyue

Well, I'm always happy to have an excuse to do some star-gazing. He must be quite friendly to be rubbing shoulders with so many stars. Happy birthday!

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  1. Huang is quite popular in the top society who can pay him & he will follow who pay him high men or women

    1. You mean Jingyu? Why is he popular in top society? Wasn't he literally a nobody several years ago. I don't mean this in any ill manner but he shot to stardom overnight with Addicted but still doesn't have a strong body of work.

  2. I don't know who he is but these pictures seem kind of forced. Doesn't seem like friends taking pictures together.