Yu Zheng's Public Spat With Golden Horse Nominee Roy Chiu

Roy Chiu can be seen these days in The Family, a new drama that airs on Chinese primetime TV. Having been in the industry for almost 20 years, Roy Chiu also recently achieved a breakthrough in his acting career after getting nominated for Best Actor for his role in the movie Dear Ex

However, the good news was quickly overcome by bad when screenwriter and producer Yu Zheng openly slammed the actor for being unprofessional.

Yu Zheng's first post was on November 17, 8:29PM. According to him, Roy Chiu "cried and begged" for a role and as a helpful person, Yu Zheng agreed and casted him in a supporting role. Last minute, Roy Chiu's manager contacted Yu Zheng via WeChat saying that the actor will be backing out due to a conflict of schedules. 

Yu Zheng pointed out that he wouldn't mind if they notified him at least a week before; at least he could find a replacement. Yu Zheng ended his Weibo post sarcastically wishing Roy Chiu can win at the Golden Horse Awards, so he never has to beg for any more jobs.

Yu Zheng posted a second thread (November 17, 9:24PM). He attached a screenshot of his conversation with Roy Chiu's manager, noting the ample time Roy Chiu's side had to inform him about dropping out. He quoted that he's curious as to why Roy Chiu decided to cancel on him on Nov 17, the day of the Golden Horse Awards.

Roy Chiu's manager, Liao Tianjun, responded to the accusations saying that it was only that afternoon when they noticed the conflict in schedule so they immediately informed Yu Zheng.

Liao Tianjun added that Yu Zheng is a prominent producer in the Mainland and they respect that; however, they deny his claims that Roy Chiu begged for a role as he didn't even meet Yu Zheng. 

Yu Zheng lashed back at Liao Tianjun on his third post (November 17, 10:29PM) asking if his memory has problems. He attached a screenshot to prove that it was Roy Chiu's manager who reached out to him through their acquaintance, Li Jinping. 

Yu Zheng confirms that although he never met Roy Chiu, they had reached an agreement verbally, but right before signing the contract, they backed out and went with another drama instead. If they could have rejected the part before and not promised anything in the first place, no one would be hassled. 

Liao Tianjun released his apology letter to Yu Zheng to the media and took all the blame in the statement, saying it was his mistake the schedules did not align and that they were not able to inform Yu Zheng earlier. He hopes that Yu Zheng will cease berating Roy Chiu, defending him as the most hardworking actor he has ever seen.

Yu Zheng, however, criticizes the apology, questioning its sincerity since it was released to the public. Furthermore, he ridicules Roy Chiu's company, emphasizing why the manager seems to have more authority over the actor since Roy Chiu himself said earlier that he was not aware of the schedule and the issue. 

Yu Zheng admits that this is the reason he favors starting actors over veterans since for him, the character of an actor is more important.

Latest reports say that Roy Chiu's manager has responded to Yu Zheng's allegations by saying that love heals faster rather than hate.

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  1. What a mess...Yu Zheng does indeed work with new actor instead of casting already popular A-list stars. If you are lucky, you will get a breakthrough work with him coz he's a miss or a hit.

  2. Yu Zheng needs to calm is butt down! He is such a drama queen! Just because he has success in his recent drama doesn't mean he has to act all crazy! If Roy didn't make headlines lately the drama queen probably wouldn't even bring up this contract matter.

  3. It does sound like Yu Zheng is in the right here as Roy and team's behaviour was very unprofessional but he could also have handled this a bit more professionally and let it go once the manager had admitted his fault and apologised. One thing I will say for Yu Zheng is he is never boring!

    At least this will provide an opportunity for a young up and coming actor rather than Roy who I dislike lol!

  4. Yu Zheng is a scum. Just read about him.