Yu Zheng Shares How Wu Jinyan Prepares For Her Roles

Wu Jinyan Untouchable Lovers Chu Yu
From Zhao Ge to Story of Yanxi Palace, Yu Zheng has been very supportive of Wu Jinyan's career as they've worked repeatedly with each other in numerous projects. He recently shared a conversation between them that shows the actress's thought process and dedication to every role that she played. It is also revealed that she was once up for the leading role of Chu Yu in Untouchable LoversThe translation of the post is below:

Wu Jinyan Yu Zheng
Wu Jinyan Zhao Ge
Wu Jinyan: What kind of a person is Da Ji (from Zhao Ge) for you?

Yu Zheng: Gentle but unwavering.

She used two months time researching the character and practicing her movements, making herself seem really like Da Ji. However, because of an incident, I asked her to switch to the role of Chu Yu (from Untouchable Lovers) at the last minute.

Wu Jinyan Empress Feng
Wu Jinyan: I think I am too gentle to be her and there's not enough time to prepare now, I'll take on the role of Empress Feng instead. How is Empress Feng for you?

Yu Zheng: A schemer and hard to read. 

She practiced in front of the mirror everyday, trying to get the right emotions to turn herself into Empress Feng.

Wu Jinyan Story of Yanxi Palace
Wu Jinyan: How do you see Wei Yingluo (from Story of Yanxi Palace)?

Yu Zheng: Gaunt and malnourished. Harsh and merciless. She's not beautiful at all.

After that, she didn't eat most of the time, losing wight until she only weighed 40kg. At the same time, she would go to the Forbidden City to understand what it was like to live there and to complete her transformation into Wei Yingluo.

Wu Jinyan Hao Lan Zhuan
Wu Jinyan: What is Li Haolan (from Hao Lan Zhuan) like for you?

Yu Zheng: Beautiful enough to cause the downfall of a country, but wise and generous.

She regained her weight back to 45kg and practiced dancing and singing everyday. She would read the script over and over again, softening the intensity in her eyes to appear gentler, and eventually turning into Li Haolan.

This is all just the beginning. I believe that windows of opportunities are always open for hardworking people like her.

Wu Jinyan You Are My Answer

Wu Jinyan has a new project You are My Answer, which recently wrapped filming. Even though she's already in her late 20's, she undoubtedly has a long career ahead of her. 

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  1. Your translation is wrong.

    "After that, she didn't eat most of the time, losing almost 40 kilograms."

    She lost weight until she only weighed 40kg.

    "She gained back almost 45 kilograms and practiced dancing and singing everyday."

    She gained over 5kg back.

    How could she lose and gain 40kg? And in such a short time even. It doesn't even make sense lol.

    1. Hi, I'm really sorry for the mistake. Thank you very much for pointing it out :)

  2. Hard work pays off!

  3. I like WJY but to be fair from the trailer the acting seems horrible this time although Yanxi Palace was superb. The styling is totally dumb, looks exactly the same like Untouchable Lovers and YZ did not learn his lessons form netizens making fun of those silly hair.

    I do find it interesting that she plays Da Ji because she always resembles Luo Hai Qiong to me and Luo Hai Qiong once played a super slaying Da Ji really really sweet and nice but when she turned evil it was OH MY GOSH!

    Yu Zheng has no sense of what beauty is...skinny to the bone is NOT pretty at all!!! I find WJY way prettier with a bit more skin.