Lei Jiayin and Yang Mi's Assassins in Red Starts Filming

Assassins in Red filming Yang Mi Lei Jiayin
The movie adaptation of Shuang Xuetao's novel finally starts filming. Assassins in Red held a booting ceremony on Monday, Nov. 5. The movie reunites Yang Mi and Lei Jiayin with Director Lu Yang after Brotherhood of Blades II: The Infernal Battlefield.

Expectations are big for the major production. Well, Assassins in Red completes the formula for a perfect production in my checklist: excellent director, screenplay, plot, and cast.

Director Lu Yang is a big name in movie production. If you haven't watched his Brotherhood of Blades 1 & 2, you are missing on something. Brotherhood of Blades 1, especially, was critically acclaimed as a 'top-notch martial arts film' with excellent script and performance to match

Assassins in Red filming Yang Mi Lei Jiayin
In the booting ceremony, Director Lu Yang praised Shuang Xuetao's novel saying he basically kept on nagging Wan Juan of Huace Film & TV not to give the movie adaptation to others, that's how much he wanted to make the movie.

"I wanted to film it, I really wanted to. and the moment I met author Shuang Xuetao, it was like a meeting of old friends," he said. 

Assassins in Red filming Yang Mi Lei Jiayin
The story is about two worlds, a secret assassination, and a young man's vengeance. It centers around a father (played by Lei Jiayin), who accepts a mission from a mysterious woman (Yang Mi) to kill a novelist (Dong Zijian). Why kill a harmless novelist? That has something to do with the fictional world created by the writer which is starting to affect the real world.

Although I haven't read the novel yet, the story seems interesting. The plot of the fictional world intersecting with the real world is similar to 2016 hit Korean drama, W Two Worlds,  However, Assassins in Red sounds more realistic than romantic, which for me is more refreshing. I guess nothing will go wrong with the screenplay with the movie's lengthy pre-production of three years.

There's nothing more to say about the casting. Yang Mi (Eternal Love, Legend of Fuyao) has shown her award-winning in thriller sci-fi movie, Reset. Meanwhile, Lei Jiayin is known for his starring role in Guns and RosesOther casts include Dong Zijian (Ash is Purest Wife), Yu Hewei (The Drug Hunter), and Guo Jingfei (Baby).

Thumbs up to its 700 staff members! Assassins in Red simply deserves to be one of the most anticipated movie of the year.

Assassins in Red filming Yang Mi Lei Jiayin
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