What Are the Major TV and Movie Awards for Chinese Viewers?

Major TV and Movie Awards Chinese Viewers
With the Golden Horse Awards receiving international attention from the recent controversies, I figured it would be nice and informative to do a rundown of the major awards shows that are relevant in China. Traditionally speaking, film awards are the most prestigious followed by TV awards and music. 

These are the three major awards for TV. 

Golden Eagle Awards 2018
Golden Eagle Awards 2018

Golden Eagle Awards 

The Golden Eagle Award 金鹰奖, also known as the China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival, was established in 1983. Originally a national award, this is now sponsored by the China Federation of Literary and Artistic Circles, the China Television Artists Association, the People's Government of Hunan Province, etc. The event is organized and held in Changsha and broadcasted on Hunan TV. 

Previously held annually, the event switched to biennial in 2005. It is the only TV award that accounts for audience voting, hence being dubbed as the 'public's award'. 

Flying Asparas Award 2018 Sun Li Nothing Gold Can Stay
Flying Asparas Awards 2018
Flying Apsaras Awards

The Flying Asparas Award 飞天奖, also known as the Feitian Awards, is one of the oldest TV awards in China after being established in 1980.  This is sponsored by the State Press, Publication and Radio and Television Administration. Previously held annually, the event switched to biennial in 2005. 

It is the most authoritative awarding body in the country and dubbed as the 'government award'. There are generally less categories and celebrity attendance is not that high. 

Magnolia Awards 2018
Magnolia Awards

The Magnolia Award 白玉兰奖, also known as the Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Awards, was established in 1986.  It is an international festival sponsored by National Radio and Television Administration, formerly known as SARFT. The magnolia signifies purity and the paramount of art, it is the official flower of the city of Shanghai .

These are the three major awards for Chinese-language movies, five including Hundred Flowers Award and Hua Biao Film Awards which make up the big 3 in China.  

Golden Rooster Awards 2017
Golden Rooster Awards

The Golden Rooster Award 金鸡奖 is a film award established in 1981 incidentally on the year of the Rooster; hence the name. The winners are selected by a jury of filmmakers and the award is given out by the China Film Association.

It was initially only for Mainland Chinese nominees but was opened to Hong Kong, Taiwan and others in 2005 in a push to become competitive with the Golden Horse Awards. This has also been held biennially alternating with the Hundred Flowers Awards since 2005. Every year, the event is jointly referred to as the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival.

Hong Kong Film Awards 2018
Hong Kong Film Awards

The Hong Kong Film Awards or the HKFA 香港金像奖 was established in 1982. It is an annual film awards ceremony in Hong Kong. It recognizes exemplary achievements in directing, screenplay, acting and cinematography among others.  This is the Hong Kong equivalent of the American Academy Awards or the British BAFTAs.

Golden Horse Awards 2018
Golden Horse Awards

The Taiwan Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards 金马奖 is an annual award ceremony held in Taiwan that was established in 1962. The winners are also selected by a group of judges and it was created to boost the quality of Chinese-language films being made. It has been known to be the most coveted award in its industry.

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  1. Pointless awards! But, since if judges are in charge of the awards, and if they want to choose somebody for the awards then they should have all the rights to do so.

    Whether the judges want to pick somebody because of relationships or political reasons, at least that is wayyyy better than seeing the audience cheating in all the votings. Or worse is if some idols pay fans to vote for them. " We vote day and night, how can our idol not win? " LOL! Did you just tell the world you guys are cheating for your one idol?
    Fans also go as far as spreading rumors of other stars. It gets worse and nasty ideas came out when allowing the non-judges to take a part in the decision making, they abused it. Whoever the judges like, that's what's fair. This year Golden Eagle award was obviously really political (when there is already a political award specifically for that already), it is stupid, but that's all on the judges. They need to keep away from trying to push all the blame on the actors.

  2. Ironic when Golden Eagle Awards is dubbed Public's Awards but public didn't agree and was outrage at Dilireba's recent win for her performance in Pretty Li Huizhen, an unoriginal story which neither critically acclaimed nor commercially successful. Cnetz has said Golden Eagle Awards has lost its prestige...

    The recent political controversy at Golden Horse Awards makes me wonder if Mainland China will boycott the awards show in the future...

  3. I expect China will boycott Golden Horse next year. Gong Li not being introduced by Host Tao is just pure rude. She says she forgot....Whatever.
    Taiwan Government has change, we can only wait and see.

  4. Thanks for the article.

    I remember wondering last year if there were any legitimate awards in C-Ent based on talent because it seemed like the vast majority we see posted about are either the popularity audience voted type or please turn up and we will give you an award type