Vic Chou's Wife Shares Wedding Photos For The First Time

Reen Yu Vic Chou wedding photos
Here it is, a first look at the beautiful wedding photos of Vic Chou and his wife, model and actress Reen Yu! Yu shared the photos on her Facebook account on Nov. 10 in celebration of their third wedding anniversary.

The wedding photos were accompanied by pictures of their celebration and a a short message: "Late at night, eating chocolate lava cake to celebrate, everything is so simple... ❤️ thank you, my super husband. Happy 3rd anniversary!"

Reen Yu Vic Chou wedding photos

Their smiles looked so sweet...

Reen Yu Vic Chou wedding photos

Reen Yu Vic Chou wedding ring

Reen Yu Vic Chou 3rd year anniversary

The two met during the filming of the 2009 crime drama, Black and White, where Chou took the starring role of a playboy detective, meanwhile Yu acted a minor character of a restaurant waitress Chou's character was indebted to. 

The husband and wife were extremely private with their personal life, opting not sharing photos of their wedding or their two-year-old daughter.

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