Tencent unveils remakes, sequels and growing franchises for 2019

Tencent 2019 3L3W The Pillow Book
After iQiYi introduced their dramas last month, it is now Tencent's turn and the online streaming service / content producer revealed their offerings during the 2019 Tencent V World Conference held today, Nov. 8. I'm a lot more excited for this one just because the remakes, the sequels and the franchises that they are building up happen to be some of my biggest faves. 

Dilraba Dilmurat Tencent 2019 3L3W The Pillow Book

Dilraba Dilmurat Tencent 2019 3L3W The Pillow Book

Vengo Gao Tencent 2019 3L3W The Pillow Book

Vengo Gao Tencent 2019 3L3W The Pillow Book
Let's start with the stars who graced the event. Dilraba Dilmurat and Vengo Gao reunite onstage to promote the drama adaptation of Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book.

Produce 101 Dilraba Dilmurat
On a side note, Dilraba Dilmurat was also introduced as the new and only female mentor of the next season of Produce 101. It will be a search for the next boy group.

Novoland: Pearl Eclilpse Yang Mi

Novoland: Pearl Eclilpse Yang Mi
Yang Mi introduces her newest drama. She joins the Novoland franchise as the titular lead of Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 九州·斛珠夫人 which is based on a novel of the same name. 

Detective L Bai Yu

Detective L
Bai Yu acted out some of his lines from his upcoming drama Detective L

Chinese Paladin remake
Chinese Paladin Hu Ge Liu Yifei
Chinese Paladin is set for a remake! I'm normally supportive of wuxia / xianxia remakes no matter how needlessly frequent, but Hu Ge and Crystal Liu were too perfect as Xiao Yao and Ling Er. I loved the original cast... is it really possible to find that again? I'm doubtful. 

Other remakes of great classics include:
Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils - A Jin Yong wuxia
You Are My Destiny - Based on Fated To Love You with Joe Chen and Ethan Ruan
The Prince Who Turns into a Frog - Another one for Joe Chen with Ming Dao as her prince

Ever Night Season 2
Sequel announcements seem pre-planned for a numbers of dramas. Ever Night only recently started airing and it's already greenlit for a season 2. 

The Eternal Love Season 3
The Eternal Love 2 which is still airing will be getting a season 3. There are repeated calls to bring back the same cast. They really should or not do one at all. I can't imagine The Eternal Love without Liang Jie and Xing Zhaolin

Monster Killer 3 Elvis Han

It's been announced before. Monster Killer 3 is coming, hopefully with Elvis Han

Mystery of Antiques
Mystery of Antiques hasn't even aired, but good news, there's a season 2. 

Wang Kai Held in the Lonely Castle

Wang Kai is back in historical dramas with Held in the Lonely Castle 孤城闭. It's been too long since I last saw him in ancient garb and it's about time! He will be playing an emperor during the Song Dynasty.

Like A Flowing River - This is Wang Kai's big comeback this year. 
Candle in the Tomb: The Wrath of Time 

National Action, The King of Land Battle, The People's Money
Then there are your usual dramas about country and nationalism: Ren Min De Cai Chan (from the folks of In the Name of People), National ActionYoung Army Officer and The King of Land Battle. Chen Xiao is in two out of the four dramas. 

More upcoming shows:
Unmarried Queen 
My Girlfriend Is An Alien
All Is Well
The Qin Empire
Unrequited Love

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  1. Say NO to all the remakes:
    -Chinese Paladin
    -Frog Prince
    -Fated to Love You
    Feel bad for those new actors doing roles they cannot replace others, they are setting themselves up for failures.

    Interesting they're continuing Monster Killer, I feel that's still Elvis's most successful project although he's quite favorable recently. I couldn't finish second season, hopefully it gets better.

  2. Super happy for Ever Night. It is amazing so far.

  3. hmm The Eternal Love Season 3. I already knew that it might have a season 3 but I didn't think it was going to happen. Also I think the leads might reject doing season 3 because they already have a busy schedule. Although it is normal in western countries to play the same role for 10+ years in Asia it's different. They would probably be tired of playing the same role over and over again and it would probably effect their careers cause that may be the only thing they are famous for.

    Also unrelated to dramas but it honestly scares me how skinny these actors and actresses are. When I saw Yang Mi's legs I was like OMG there really skinny. It's upsetting to see how much these entertainers abuse their bodies for the sake of these beauty standards in order to keep their careers.

    1. It is scary how thin the actors are lately - both male and female.

  4. hoping for Yang Mi and Shawn Duo for Novoland.

    1. Yes! That's what I'm hoping for too!

  5. That is an interesting pairing! I would def. want to watch it. I hope it will be better than previous adapations too.

  6. Please don't remake chinese paladin. The OG cast was perfect.

  7. Held in the Lonely Castle... I mran the title it self gives you goosepump
    Canot wait

  8. The lead should finish off what they started if they doing a season 3 of eternal love it wouldn't be Intresting to watch if someone else played them..