Mystery of Antiques

Mystery of Antiques
Mystery of Antiques 古董局中局 is a 36-episode Chinese drama about the owner of an antique shop who hails from a family with a mysterious past. It is adapted from a novel of the same name by Ma Bo Yong 马伯庸 and stars Xia Yu, Qian Zhenyu, Elvira Cai Wenjing, and Chie Tanaka.

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An unexpected visitor pays a visit to Xu Yuan (Xia Yu) and takes him into a dream where a conspiracy is brewing. He finds that a treasured artefact that can only be heard in legends may have personal connections to him and that a scheme from decades ago has everything to do with his fate. Even at the cost of his life, Xu Yuan uses his skills to pit wits and will against the powers from a long time ago.

Mystery of Antiques Xia Yu
Xia Yu is said to be Ma Bo Yong's personal choice for Xu Yuan as early as when the book was published, saying that he matches the character inside out. I haven't seen any of Xia Yu's works, but the trailer does make the drama seem a lot more interesting than when I was just reading about it. Maybe it's the music playing in the background that helped set the mood for me. I really liked that song. 

Release Date: TBA

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Mystery of Antiques Qiao Zhenyu

Mystery of Antiques Elvira Cai

Mystery of Antiques Chie Tanaka
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