Miss Buyer

Miss Buyer Tang Yixin
Miss Buyer 买定离手我爱你 is a workplace drama set in the fashion industry. Instead of designers, it revolves around buyers and follows a young woman who sets out to learn the ropes in her new profession. A rookie's journey to success feels a bit been there, done that though this could potentially be a cute watch with enough charisma and light-heartedness, at least I hope that's the direction they're taking. 

Miss Buyer Chinese drama Tang Yixin

Miss Buyer Zhai Tianlin
I've seen Tina Tang Yixin (Rule the World) in many supporting roles. In fact, I find it amusing that both her and leading man Zhai Tianlin (The Family) have played villains in their previous dramas. They also both starred in Advisors AllianceHere, she crosses paths and clashes with him, a top designer in the industry. 

Other characters include her teacher, a top buyer played by Li Yuan (Chinese Paladin 5) and the big boss, played by Yuan Wenkang (An Oriental Odyssey). 

Release Date: TBD iQiYi

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Miss Buyer Chinese TV series

Miss Buyer Chinese TV series
Miss Buyer Chinese TV series

Miss Buyer Chinese TV series
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