First Stills of Godfrey Gao's New Drama, The Gravity of a Rainbow

Godfrey Gao's new drama, The Gravity of a Rainbow 
彩虹的重力 released its first stills with its lead characters and supporting cast, which is full of eye candy. The series is adapted from a Shi Dongrou's novel of the same name.

This is Gao's first drama in two years after Remembering Lichuan in 2016. I first saw Godfrey as the bisexual warlock, Magnus Bane, in the film adaptation of The Mortal Instruments. Although the movie was a box office flop, I noticed his amazing acting on top of his good looks.

Xuan Lu (The Untamed, Royal Highness) acts as the female lead character. Meanwhile, supporting casts includes Sean Zhang Liang, Yue Yi'en, Lin Youwei, Vivian Dawson, Zhang Bojia and Denny Huang Bojun

I haven't read the novel yet but Shi Dongrou is kind of an assurance. Despite all the criticisms on the later episodes, her previous novel-turned-drama, Moonshine and Valentine has a good plot and characterization. I just hope the screenwriter does a better job in this one.

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