Zhao Liying forced to deny pregnancy rumors again

Zhao Liying denies pregnancy again
A recent picture uploaded by Zhao Liying on her own social media account has caused a resurgence in the pregnancy rumor that's been bogging her for months in spite of previous denials by her and her studio. She had shared a couple photos of herself introducing the new Honor Magic 2 phone. What most people noticed instead was how the sign she was holding conveniently covered her tummy. 

Ever since rumors about Feng Shaofeng turned out to be true, it seems to have gotten more people convinced that the pregnancy rumors were true as well. 

Zhao Liying denies pregnancy again

Whatever it may be, the actress denies the rumors for the second time. She writes on weibo, "Lately, there have been rumors online, enthusiastic netizens leaking information, stolen shots disguised as accidental meetings, photoshopped photos, made up stories based on the photos - these can all become news. Saying one line of denial can be interpreted as sensationalizing. I don't know if I should be happy or just eat melon seeds (watch the show) like everyone else? Eating other people's melon seeds is fragrant (watching other's gossips), but eat carefully. Before we eat melon seeds, can we consider the quality first, what if it's fake? Don't get a tummy ache."

I'm happy for her if she's pregnant, but repeated denials lead me to think that maybe she really isn't. She's clearly bothered enough by people speculating her every move, I'd rather wait for the news to come from her. 

Zhao Liying denies pregnancy again
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  1. If she really isn't pregnant, denying is not an issue. Rumor is that she's 4 months pregnant, if the rumor is true, baby is gonna come out anyway in a few months. She should make official announcement sooner or later. I just pity her fans coz everytime she denies her r.s with FSF, her fans protect and side with her. Time will tell if she is really pregnant or not.

    1. No. She never denied dating FSF, which came up to be true. But she has denied pregnancy rumors.

      Liying once said: "I don't want to talk about it (her love life) if I'm not 100% sure. When I stabilize my feelings, I will announce it."

      [William Feng said : Will not hide marriage]
      "I will not tell you who I'm dating with until I am married (to the person)."
      He is not willing to share his love life. "It is your right to take pictures of me, but I didn't say that it is my right to announce it. I want to keep my privacy and personal space"
      Was asked if it would be hidden? William Feng admits that he will not hide marriage, "With marriage, I will tell you about such a big thing. I don’t want to let everyone down, I don't want to waste my feelings, but it’s better to tell everyone when it’s completely settled.”

      The interview:

      So, ZLY & FSF proved their words!

    2. She looks very pregnant to me....The latest pictures of ZLY-FSF in Beijing....

      What do you think about your Goddess of Lies, 1.a....

  2. Since rumors started she has been three months pregnant for a long time. It seems unlikely that she wouldnt be showing already. But that being said it is totally up to her when she wants to let others know about her pregnancy.

    There are many reasons that make these type of rumors are a problem. First, miscarriages happen and it is painful for people to be constantly talking about something like that. Second, she could not be pregnant but want to be pregnant and once again rumors like this one become painful. But in the end, she could just want privacy and to take her own time. I had a miscarriage and afterwards I felt like I should keep my pregnancy secret. XieNa didnt confirm that she was pregnant until the last month of her pregnancy. She even created some story about studying in Italy. Artists are human beings and they deserve a choice in how they deal with certain life changes. I don't know if she is pregnant or not, but if she is everyone will eventually find out. Same if she is not.

  3. The thing is... almost all of her recent public pictures are of her from the tummy up or with something covering her. Like her bday photos, where she was behind FSF. Should have just take a pic of her flat tummy if it bothers her so much

  4. Why did she need to deny the pregnancy rumour? The only thing that can't be hide is pregnancy, sooner or later a baby will pop out....It's a piece of cake to count 1-9 anyway...LOL!! This is the time when "silence is golden"....She seems to have so much time in her hands during her hiatus, it's out of her usual character to issue a denial to rumour....The only rumour that she care to clarified was about her and Feng ShaoFeng where she clarified that the girl with Feng ShaoFeng in his Yellow Lambo wasn't her because she was filming at that time AND after a while she married to him....So let wait and see and start the countdown....