Yao Ming and Li Yifeng Adorable Height Difference

Li Yifeng Yao Ming Height Difference
Li Yifeng is China Basketball Association's (CBA) special guest in their recent press briefing for the new basketball season. As one of the celebrity captains in the Chinese show Dunk of China, Li Yifeng's love for basketball is widely known. In the photo, CBA Chairman Yao Ming hands over a special Sichuan jersey made for Li Yifeng whose comes from the same province.  

It's so cute to see them standing next to each other because their height difference is so glaring. Based on wikipedia, Yao Ming's height is 2.26 meters or roughly 7'5". Li Yifeng, on the other hand, stands 1.81 meters or just shy of 5'10". I don't think that's accurate though because their height difference seems much larger. Li Yifeng is someone that could live up to the description of tall, dark and handsome but he looks so tiny next the gentle giant of basketball. 
Li Yifeng Yao Ming Height Difference
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  1. Everyone looks small next to a basketball player.