Wu Jinyan A Workplace Newbie to Yin Tao's Mentor in Standardized Life

Wu Jinyan workplace drama Standadrized Queen
Wu Jinyan is having a great year and definitely taking advantage of the opportunities that are coming her way since heading up one of the biggest dramas of the year. She completed filming You Are My Answer just last month, and it seems that she already has another project in the works. 

Standardized Life 标化女王 is a new drama that teams her up with another seasoned actress in the same way that Qin Lan played a character Wu Jinyan looked up to in Story of Yanxi PalaceThis time it's the multi-awarded Grand Slam actress Yin Tao showing the ropes. The story is about the conflicts and competition in a cosmetics company that follows a rookie employee and her mentor. It stars Yin TaoWu Jinyan and Peter Ho.  

Standardized Queen Peter Ho Yin Tao
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  1. Wu Jin Yan looks like a naturally very skinny body type. i hope she would gain a little more weight. She really lucks out with Yan Xi Palace. Even her attitude controversy is now buried. I hope she doesn't catch top star disease too soon. And now her co-star is Yin Tao who is a grand slam actress, she's lucky to be acting along side seasoned actors and actresses.

    1. "Lucky" if she's a bad actress then even luck would not help.

      The "lucky" actresses are the ugly ones who gained popularity only after turning pretty, their acting still sucks and what's more is their attitude is also bad and rude.

      If you look at Wu Jin Yan, she isn't somebody of great beauty. Her popularity is from her good acting skills and personable attitude, she is upbeat and confident.

      I don't understand what makes you so jealous of this girl, doesn't want her to become a top star and would call people having "star disease" have you checked with your doctor?

  2. Also, Wu Jin Yan did not eat off anybody's popularity. Qin Lan was well known but not exactly so popular, and Nie Yuan was no longer famous for a long while. They all shine through their own abilities in Yanxi Gonglue without depending on riding off each other's popularity.

    If it had been other actresses, they would argue and be angry for having little scenes or if they get enough scenes but still did not make them the ONLY person who is shining. Both Wu Jin Yan and Qin Lan shine perfectly without any fight and argument about who is better. That showed how they both did really well on their role. Also, unlike some actresses today, they both have really high emotional quotient. It is praisable.

    Even a popular person like Lin Gexin and everybody in there had to depend on Zhao Liying's popularity in Princess Agents, doesn't matter how terrible the storyline is and which character they are playing as long as they can act along side Zhao Liying. That is what you call, riding off other's popularity.

    I guess, the reason why people hate Wu Jin Yan so much must be this reason, she gained her fame overnight without riding on other people's popularity so it must have stirred lots of controversial jealousy. They wanted her to ride off somebody's back because they think that's the correct way to supposingly climb up...so if Wu Jin Yan gets to act beside grand slam actresses and seasoned actresses then that will make her luckier and luckier only...what some dumb logic! The reason why dramas are getting more and more annoying today is exactly because of that reason, nobody can act and only wanted to use idol power to gain visibility.