Wedding and Pregnancy Rumor Roundup in C-Ent Since Zhao Liying's Marriage

Liu Shishi Nicky Wu pregnant twins?
Netizens went abuzz after news of Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng's marriage. It makes you wonder what other rumors could possibly be true. There's a rumor going around that Cecilia Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu are expecting twins and that she is pregnant for three months. Liu Shi Shi has been laying low and has not taken any new project. Aside from her posts on national day and national charity day this month, her weibo account has not been updated since August. 

Cecilia Liu Shishi pregnant?
Nicky also posted a series of photographs in Sept about his new drama Mr. Nanny. In one of the photos, you can clearly see "UCLA Health" which is a hospital in Los Angeles. Is it just about the drama or a hint about the pregnancy? He included a pig emoji which is next year's Chinese zodiac.

Maybe the couple will make the announcement at the end of the month on Nicky's birthday. I guess we'll have to wait until then.

Tang Yan Luo Jin wedding October?
There are rumors that Tiffany Tang Yan and Luo Jin will tie the knot in Vienna, Austria by the end of this month. This is in spite of rumors in the past that they have already broken up. Furthermore, a netizen who claims to be working for the wedding company that the couple hired revealed that they will supposedly wed on Oct 25. Update: Oct 28 as of latest reports.

Lin Gengxin Wang Likun looking at house?
Another couple who is rumored to be getting married are Wang Likun and Lin Gengxin. We've reported speculations about them dating before and the paparazzi photos continue, this time implying that they're looking at houses together. Unlike the other two pairs, this might be a long shot since they have yet to come out as a couple. 

Besides, some rumors turn out to be completely fake. After registering their marriage, there were numerous reports that Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng will hold their wedding ceremony on December 12, 2018. Feng Shaofeng Studio says that it's FAKE. 

Zhao Liying Feng Shaofeng
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  1. i dont mindd if they're true, it's all good news lol i love Tangyan-Luojin couple and recently she even visited him at his filming site so i dont think they;ve broken up.

    1. I'm so glad to hear that. I really like Tang Yan and Luo Jin and hoped the breakup rumours were fake.

  2. I'm happy if that's true for Tang Yan. Luo Jin seems like a good guy and a much healthier relationship in comparison to her awful ex.

  3. I'm really surprised ZLY and FSF is one amazingly famous "private" couple without any hate right now. There was some stories that FSF mother actually couldn't accept ZLY but she's pregnant so there was no choice but approve them. Maybe they are not exactly private people but their relationship have embarassing facts cannot tell to others. But, nobody knows the truth.
    All I know it will be so good if everyone can just go so private like them and nobody making a fuss right?

    TY and LJ are probably trying to do that same "private" thing but instead get rumored as breaking up, so ridiculous. When you don't have billions and billions of stupid fans backing you up, people can make up any kind of rumors about you.