Web traffic stats: Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace finale week numbers

Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace finale ratings
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace has completely airing on Tencent for both VIP and non-members (which only ended today). The show has reached over 18 billion views 61 days after premiere. At 87 episodes, it may have gotten a slight edge for being longer than most, but It's still quite an impressive run considering that most dramas would be happy with 10 billion nowadays. 

Mother's Life Poster
Mother's Life also ended its run and it has reached 3.6 billion views 45 days after premiere. Online views don't seem to match with the show's smashing success on TV.  

Battle Through The Heavens 4 billion views
Battle Through the Heavens has reached 4.2 billion views 47 days after premiere.

All Out Of Love 3 billion views
All Out of Love has reached 3 billion views 33 days after premiere. 

Martial Universe Season 2 430 million views
Martial Universe Season 2 has reached 430 million views 9 days after premiere. 

lET's Shake It 2 Poster
lET's Shake It Season 2 has reached 1.6 billion views 23 days after premiere. 

Entrepreneurial Age 300 million in 3 days
Entrepreneurial Age has reached 300 million views in 3 days. It is at 1 billion views 8 days after premiere. 

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